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Product Overview

Data Security Platform (DSP)

Augment and Extend the life of your encryption implementation through a proven & patented Superencipherment process

Environment agnostic integration of the PKMS2 encryption scheme will provide comprehensive data security management including full disk, partition, volume, file, Cloud and file-for-sharing encryption.


Harness the Power of Location-based Intelligence

Proximity-based information leverages the ubiquity of mobile computing devices to support your mission and business intelligence needs. It presents a broad spectrum of applicability, limited only by your imagination. Supported use cases include passive surveillance, logistics support and location-based authentication and authorization.


Protect data on endpoints, network storage and Cloud locations

ParaDoxBox™ is the One Tool for All Your Data Protection Needs


Simple User Based Resource Oriented Segmentation Architecture

Introducing SUBROSA® users choose unique data resources to generate their keys and establish a personal interaction pattern with the resource. This relationship is intuitive and easily memorized, but not readily shared or stolen.

Enterprise Key Manager

Add Support for all the cryptographic protocols you don’t already support

Address Multiple Areas with Secure Channels’ Enterprise Key Management Solutions

Secure Channels HSM

FIPS 140-2 Compliant Hardware HSM with a wide-array of extensibility

FIPS Compliant Hardware Security Module deployable to any private infrastructure, with advanced tools and extensibility into existing security deployments.

XOTIC (Coming Soon - 2018)

A revolutionary, hyper-fast, and highly secure encryption system for all data masses (coming soon)

XOTIC™ powerfully and drastically increases the security of any data packet with an ingenious superencipherment method of execution. (coming soon)