Data Security Protocol (DSP)

Data Security Protocol (DSP)

DSP includes both ParaDoxBox patented encryption and SUBROSA® patented authentication solutions

Environment agnostic integration of the PKMS2 encryption scheme will provide comprehensive data security management including full disk, partition, volume, file, Cloud and file-for-sharing encryption.

Real peace of mind comes from using strong data encryption AND securing your Log-In with strong authentication

Advances in crypt-analysis increase the risk of data breaches and unauthorized disclosure. Many believe that today’s strongest encryption algorithms have been broken. While there’s no cryptographic “silver bullet,” you can regain the advantage with Secure Channels’ patented Superencipherment Engine. The Engine’s use of data segmentation and multilayer, multi-algorithm technology significantly increases the level of data protection over that provided by a single algorithm and key.

Use Cases

Enable Regulatory Compliance

The SuperEncipherment enables users to ensure that the algorithms used comply with legal or regulatory requirements (e.g., AES-256 for compliance with FIPS 140-2 Annex A), regardless of jurisdiction or country. Administrators can also restrict the encryption algorithms used to those compliant with local law.

E3 Protocol SDK

E3 Protocol SDK extends the useful life of existing encryption suites and includes FIPS 140-2 approved algorithms as well as other global encryption standards. PKMS2 can also be updated to include new algorithms as they become available. While PKMS2 is integrated into SCI data security products, it is also available as the SCI Superencipherment Engine™, an integratable SDK.

Technical Details

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