Encryption and Data Protection

SCI Products for Encryption and Data Protection

The Superencipherment Engine (SE) is a flexible, integrable software development kit providing advanced encryption capabilities wherever required in your application or enterprise. The SE implements SCI’s superencipherment protocol which significantly enhances the cryptographic strength of standard algorithms (minimum of 1,024 bits for symmetric block ciphers) while offering compliance with industry and government standards.

ParaDoxBox™ is a versatile encryption utility that secures data in files, on endpoints, on networks or in the Cloud, providing protection levels that meet or exceed industry and national standards. ParaDoxBox™ supports full disk encryption, partition encryption, volume/container encryption and file encryption. It is transparent once deployed, requiring no specialized training. Users select the encryption algorithms and the standards (including FIPS 140-2 Annex A). ParaDoxBox™ includes SCI’s Superencipherment Engine.

SCI Products for Access Control and Confidentiality Assurance

SUBROSA™ is an advanced multifactor authentication engine that enables enterprises and consumers to overcome the challenges and vulnerabilities associated with password credentials while providing up to five factors of authentication. SUBROSA’s™ unique Idiomatic Recognition™ knowledge factor technology minimizes memorization challenges, defeats password cracking, shoulder surfing, social engineering and phishing attacks.
Mobile Device Control Solution (MDCS)

Modern mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, ubiquitous across enterprise provide dramatic increases in personnel availability and productivity. Unfortunately, the same capabilities which make the devices valuable also create the risk that confidential or sensitive conversations and information will be leaked when the devices are used to covertly record and transmit sensitive data.

Access Control and Confidentiality Assurance

Proximity Based Monitoring

SCI Products for Proximity Based Monitoring, Intelligence and Analytics

SCI’s PROXiMITTER® takes the concept of a proximity beacon to entirely new levels. Unlike conventional proximity beacons, PROXiMITTER® devices are bidirectional, offering two-way connectivity over WiFi, Bluetooth, Near Field Communications (NFC) and 900Mhz radio. PROXiMITTER® comes in a variety of form factors ranging from badges to repeaters that can be powered by battery, over Ethernet or by USB power connections. The devices are programmable and configurable for an almost limitless number of use cases including asset management, traffic analysis, device control, marketing analytics, surveillance, loyalty program implementation, physical access control and many more. SCI offers engineering and design services to ensure seamless integration of PROXiMITTER® capabilities into your environment.

SCI Products for Encryption and Data Protection

Integration engineering services are designed to ensure that SCI solutions are tailored for your environment and support your operational needs. These services include creating customized versions of our standard products and integration with your existing tools. Our engineers will ensure that your use cases and needs are met.

Annual support contracts are available as an option for all SCI products and are tiered based on the service levels required.

Integration and Support Services