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Who We Are:     is a software development company based in Irvine, California.  Our experts engineer and develop high-performance, cost-effective cybersecurity technologies to protect organizations from present and emerging threats.

Our Mission: To provide award-winning, cryptanalyst-celebrated solutions including post-quantum cryptography, authentication and identity management systems.

What We Do:  Offer advanced data protection, no-friction encryption, authentication, enterprise confidentiality solutions and proximity-based monitoring and intelligence capabilities.

Secure Channels Partners with Oregon Systems

Deal Extends SCI’s Cybersecurity Protection to Middle Eastern Critical Infrastructure

Secure Channels Inc. entered a three-year partnership with Oregon Systems, OT/Critical Infrastructure Focused Cyber Security solutions Distributor with value-added services.  The agreement grants Oregon Systems exclusive rights to distribute, resell and integrate Secure Channels’ state-of-the-art cyberdefense technologies throughout Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, State of Kuwait and Sultanate of Oman.  Through its cybersecurity partnerships, Oregon Systems can now leverage Secure Channels’ dynamic cryptosystem, XOTIC®, toward safeguarding critical operational technology (OT) systems in the region.

Oregon Systems partnership with Secure Channels is the result of regional market demand of encryption to protect the region’s increasingly connected OT and critical infrastructure.  The company sought encryption prime for IoT integration with key lengths that will withstand brute-force attacks from advancing quantum threats.  Secure Channels’ XOTIC cryptosystem proved to be the sole cipher to encrypt at the required future-ready strengths, while being fast and adaptable to accommodate developing technology.

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Encrypted Video Streaming

Whether you are streaming video, audio or both, XOTIC® can deliver a secure means to watch and archive the video while removing the concern of malicious parties accessing your feeds. Unlike other ciphers, implemented strictly for the long-term storage of media or used within TLS/SSL protocols that maintain a single secret key, XOTIC is constantly changing to protect your data. Implemented on the device itself, the XOTIC cipher re-keys data in transit with random quantum resilient key lengths ranging from 512-bit to 4,096-bits at set time intervals using Secure Channels’ patent pending Wave Form Encryption™ (WFE). Rest easy with your information stored on-premise or in the cloud with a flexible key exchange network that can shard and distribute the keys for the live feed on internationally distributed repeaters, mitigating the risk of any single point of failure in the security of your information. Protect your information today with a cipher that’s strong enough for post-quantum archival of data, but efficient enough to encrypt every frame of your media.

ZIPcrypt Review: A Revolutionary Encryption Tool

There is no doubt that ZIPcrypt is a winner in the current encryption software market. It is a novel product that can help organizations protect the confidentiality of their sensitive data. It is particularly useful for companies that deal with a heavy volume of data transfer through emails at different locations as stakeholders can utilize ZIPcrypt for complete privacy.

A fast and user-friendly application, ZIPcrypt works smoothly through SCIFCOM.com. One of the best aspects of SCIFCOM is that it allows the transfer of encrypted files as large as 300 MB – this means that you don’t have to worry about sending huge chunky data files safely anymore.

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Secure Channels Inc. and CEO, Richard Blech featured in  The Most Disruptive Quantum Technology Companies to watchissue in Insight Success Magazine.

Secure Channels Inc.: Enabling Authentic Data Security Solutions for Everyone

Privacy has always been crucial subject of discussion and data privacy is the main concern for today’s advanced world. From saving data to cloud storage to send a simple office/personal mail, everything which consists information is data and data could be used in favor and against of anyone. Recognizing the importance of data security and with the intention to bring innovative solutions, Secure Channels Inc. is enabling enterprises to protect their data in more secure way than ever before.

In today’s data-centric world, Secure Channels’ mission is to provide users access to the latest and most innovative data protection and user authentication tools and make them easy to access and use. The company wants organizations to be able to confidently control the security of their data to protect against today’s threats and those in the not so distant future – such as Quantum Computing. Its offerings agnostically protect any and all forms of data, whether in-transit or at-rest, not just build a fortress around data. The organization appeals to enterprise IT administrators by making user experience as simple and seamless as possible. It thinks of this as “no friction encryption”.

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Peer Reviews

Dr. Yevgeniy Dodis

Professor of Computer Science University of California, Santa Barbara “PKMS2® provides an excellent way of protecting information against very powerful attacks.”

Dr. Stefano Tessaro

Assistant Professor of Computer Science University of California, Santa Barbara “(I am) not aware of any other schemes (theoretical or practical) that achieve similar guarantees with the same degree of efficiency.”

Dr. Matthew Green

Assistant Professor of Computer Science The Johns Hopkins University “provides surprisingly strong security”


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