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Secure Channels Inc. CEO, Richard Blech on The Fault, Dear User, Is Not In Our Tech But In Ourselves at forbes.com

The Fault, Dear User, Is Not In Our Tech But In Ourselves

Written By Richard Blech Forbes Council Member Forbes Technology Council Community Voice

Malware is nothing if not a paean to human ingenuity. As complex and secure as modern connected systems are, attackers always appear to be one step ahead. Like silver bullets, they seem to unerringly find chinks in the electronic armor through which they slip to wreak havoc. In doing so, cyberspace’s malicious actors have acquired legendary status. They strike any target, anywhere, at any time, and the sclerotic forces of law and order (not to mention system administration) are powerless to stop them. They are invincible, indomitable and indefatigable.

Articles like a recent one published by Motherboard discussing the Cutlet Maker malware used in jackpotting attacks on ATMs can help reinforce this imagery. Anything that gets an ATM to spit out wads of cash on demand is certainly newsworthy, and it highlights the attackers’ extraordinary technical-fu. But before we start wringing our hands over the hopelessness of it all, it’s worth noting what the article doesn’t spotlight.

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Encrypted Video Streaming

Whether you are streaming video, audio or both, XOTIC® can deliver a secure means to watch and archive the video while removing the concern of malicious parties accessing your feeds. Unlike other ciphers, implemented strictly for the long-term storage of media or used within TLS/SSL protocols that maintain a single secret key, XOTIC is constantly changing to protect your data. Implemented on the device itself, the XOTIC cipher re-keys data in transit with random quantum resilient key lengths ranging from 512-bit to 4,096-bits at set time intervals using Secure Channels’ patent pending Wave Form Encryption™ (WFE). Rest easy with your information stored on-premise or in the cloud with a flexible key exchange network that can shard and distribute the keys for the live feed on internationally distributed repeaters, mitigating the risk of any single point of failure in the security of your information. Protect your information today with a cipher that’s strong enough for post-quantum archival of data, but efficient enough to encrypt every frame of your media.

ZIPcrypt Review: A Revolutionary Encryption Tool

There is no doubt that ZIPcrypt is a winner in the current encryption software market. It is a novel product that can help organizations protect the confidentiality of their sensitive data. It is particularly useful for companies that deal with a heavy volume of data transfer through emails at different locations as stakeholders can utilize ZIPcrypt for complete privacy.

A fast and user-friendly application, ZIPcrypt works smoothly through SCIFCOM.com. One of the best aspects of SCIFCOM is that it allows the transfer of encrypted files as large as 300 MB – this means that you don’t have to worry about sending huge chunky data files safely anymore.

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Secure Channels has created an alternative to WINZip. Our fresh new 5-star rated utility called “ZIPcrypt,” a component of SCIFCOM, is just as easy to use as WINZip, while offering a post-quantum grade encryption

Secure Channels Nets Two 2019 Cyber Defense Global Awards

Secure Channels has again been recognized as a leader in developing encryption solutions for the post-quantum world.  Cyber Defense Magazine announced in its latest Global Annual Edition that Secure Channels won the Cyber Defense Global Award for 2019 in the category of Leader Encryption for its XOTIC® cryptosystem.  Secure Channels’ Senior Program Manager Sindhu Aithal was also singled out for the Women in Cybersecurity award for her leadership and contributions to the company’s mission. To view the complete article, click here

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Peer Reviews

Dr. Yevgeniy Dodis

Professor of Computer Science University of California, Santa Barbara “PKMS2® provides an excellent way of protecting information against very powerful attacks.”

Dr. Stefano Tessaro

Assistant Professor of Computer Science University of California, Santa Barbara “(I am) not aware of any other schemes (theoretical or practical) that achieve similar guarantees with the same degree of efficiency.”

Dr. Matthew Green

Assistant Professor of Computer Science The Johns Hopkins University “provides surprisingly strong security”


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