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Secure Channels for Aerospace

Data Protection for a Turbulent Cyberspace

The aerospace industry’s richness of sensitive technical, logistic and personal data makes it an inviting target to hackers of every level of sophistication.  Threats from amateurs geared toward mild disruption to technology competitors seeking valuable IP exfiltration to nation-states aimed at catastrophic system manipulation are everyday dangers in the aerospace industry.  Telemetry data transmitted between ground, satellite and air/spacecraft, control data routed through onboard buses, and even technology data transmitted via email can lead severe consequences when intercepted by unauthorized parties.  Companies in the aerospace industry must protect this data at every stage of its lifecycle at the risk of significant financial and reputational damage.  Secure Channels Inc.’s powerful, future-ready solutions resolve many of the unique cybersecurity challenges facing the industry by providing crucial end-to-end protection for every data node.

Why Secure Channels for Aerospace

  • Aerospace companies transmit and store some of the most secure and critical data in the world.
  • Aerospace companies rely on legacy technology as well as next-generation. It needs cybersecurity solutions with the digital litheness to accommodate both.
  • Encryption solutions available today suffer from a strength for performance tradeoff. The aerospace industry continuously develops technology that requires encryption to have speed, strength and efficiency.

XOTIC for Data at Rest

Critical logistic and proprietary data is stored across a mesh of cloud storage, on-prem databases and IoT nodes.  Each of these lean on encryption as a last line of defense to prevent unauthorized data access.  Tests have revealed that standard AES encryption will have questionable efficiency against attacks from advancements in quantum computers.  Secure Channels’ XOTIC cryptosystem is a scalable symmetric cipher that provides a protective default of 512-bit encryption.  XOTIC’s protective strength can be increased beyond 8,000 bits without a performance tradeoff.

XOTIC for Data in Transit

Aerospace data systems route torrents of sensitive and mission-critical information.  Unauthorized parties determined to access or manipulate vital communications can target both high- and low-priority systems to compromise aircraft, satellites and ground facilities.   Cyberattacks manipulating satellite-to-craft weather data can effectively alter the aircraft’s performance.  Onboard data transfers through the aircrafts control bus is also vulnerable to outside interference affecting sensors and equipment.   The alteration of even a single packet of data can have disastrous performance results.  The XOTIC cryptosystem provides block-cipher strength at streaming-cipher speeds.  Its two lines of code slide easily into equipment, devices and components constrained by space, processor or CPU.  XOTIC’s adjustable strength add no perceivable latency to systems where responsiveness is key.  XOTIC can protect the integrity of critical systems like:

·         Radionavigation ·         Cockpit controls ·         Flight control
·         Avionics ·         Central maintenance ·         Weather radar
·         Radio/audio comm ·         Electrical power ·         Flight warning
·         Collision avoidance ·         Inertial reference ·         Global positioning

XFA Mail for Safer, ITAR-Compliant Email

Large volumes of sensitive data transmitted to and from aerospace companies are sent via email.  Email connections provide a prime attack vector for man-in-the-middle attacks capable of manipulating urgent communications or exfiltrating technology data restricted by the United States Munitions List (USML).  The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) places tight controls on the export of this data.  Secure Channels’ XFA Mail leverages XOTIC to provide total end-to-end encryption that ensures any emailed data collected by unauthorized parties remains forever indecipherable.  XFA Mail is an easy-to-use plugin for Gmail, Outlook 365 and several other email clients.  Users register through Secure Channels’ SCIFCOM SaaS portal to guarantee authenticity between sending and receiving parties.  XFA Mail can be downloaded at scifcom.com.

Secure Key Infrastructure (SKI)

Organizations leaning on cryptography to safeguard data have relied on cumbersome, problematic protocols to transmit encryption keys between parties.  Data encryption is only as strong as its keys are secure.  The different key exchange systems available suffer myriad drawbacks ranging from complicated roll outs, continuous upkeep to eventual encryption failure.   Most key exchange protocols depend on asymmetric key pairs created by algorithms easily shattered by evolving quantum computing.  Secure Channels’ SKI sidesteps many of the failure points and reduces the key-exchange attack surface by distributing quantum-resilient symmetric keys via a manage token authority.  SKI efficiently distributes ephemeral keys for symmetric ciphers like XOTIC for every packet of data, every frame of realtime audio or video.  The exchange leverages existing public/private/cloud servers toward a randomized, double-blind token exchange that ensures authenticity and eliminates openings for man-in-the-middle attacks.

Enterprise Key Management Solution for More Useful, Secure Data Backups

ITAR-compliant companies are tasked with maintaining strict controls over their encryption keys for data backups.   Most companies backing up data to the cloud, however, create one large ciphertext file that protects at the volume level.  This creates a single key providing an easily-targeted encryption “linchpin,” the failure of which can expose the entire database contents.  Secure Channels’ Enterprise Key Management marries fast, powerful XOTIC encryption with a robust virtual key management appliance.  Enterprise Key Management encrypts volume contents with surgical granularity, protecting each file or database cell with its own quantum-resilient key.  The keys are safely transmitted to the virtual appliance for simplified storage and management.  Individualized data can be retrieved and decrypted from the backup, greatly reducing processing time and personnel manhours for simple referencing tasks.   Key lifecycle and access controls enhance administrative control and improve audit tracking.