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Sony studios and Amy Pascal are a perfect example of security as an afterthought.

We no longer have the luxury to believe breaches happen to the other guy. Sensitive personal information, like the social security numbers, salaries and addresses of more than 47,000 Sony stars and employees, was successfully breached. Hackers also gained access to details of professional contracts, upcoming movie releases and other inside information, some of which has already been leaked to the public. The reality is if a company head ignores protecting data …they should be fired. It is time to take responsibility for protecting earnings as much as gaining them. For a fraction of what Sony has lost they could have avoided this all together by encrypting their data in the first place. A layered security approach including encrypting all sensitive data with impenetrable encryption will best protect our valuable digital assets.

It is no longer a matter of if we will be breached it is WHEN…

It is time to act and not just react.

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