“Award Winning” Patented Cyber Security Solutions

Who We Are:     is a software development company based in Irvine, California.  Our experts engineer and develop high-performance, cost-effective cybersecurity technologies to protect organizations from present and emerging threats.

Our Mission: To provide award-winning, cryptanalyst-celebrated solutions including post-quantum cryptography, authentication and identity management systems.

What We Do:  Offer advanced data protection, no-friction encryption, authentication, enterprise confidentiality solutions and proximity-based monitoring and intelligence capabilities.

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

Secure Channels management team includes four PhD’s, four university professors, five cyber security experts, and five executives with direct business relations with government agencies. Including subject matter experts in: Cyber Security, Film, Insurance, Government Agencies, Healthcare, ISP, Gaming, International Business, Accounting, general Government, and Technology

Richard Blech

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Feinberg

Chief Information Officer

Mike Rash

Chief Finance Officer

Deirdre Murphy

Chief Brand Officer

Henry Sienkiewicz

Chief Revenue Officer

Adam Firestone

Chief Engineering Officer

Jonathan Katz

VP, Cryptography Engineering

Hilary MacMillan

VP, Solutions Architecture

Ian Searle

VP, Sales & Data Services

Bruce Totty

VP, Business Development

John Ewing

Consulting Engineer, Data Services Practice