State-of-the-Art Streaming Cipher Protocol

(patent pending)

XOTIC leverages powerful mathematical theory developed by the U.S. government during World War II. Using 2018 technology, XOTIC breathes new life into cryptology techniques originally proven by Claude Shannon, the father of information theory and cryptography.

Flexible, Extensible, and Faster-Performing Than Available Commercial Encipherment

Enables in-flight streaming encipherment on any type of data, in real-time

Encipherment strength can be dialed-up or dialed-back depending on the use case

Outmaneuvers legacy public/private key (asymmetric) encryption methods currently in-use, and eliminates the attack surface provided by (symmetric) encryption methods such as AES.

Use Cases

Streaming media, movies, or even live meetings can now have XOTIC’s deeply hardened encryption applied without disturbing the quality.

XOTIC can be incorporated into standard email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, as well as Microsoft Office products to create deeply hardened private conversations between recipients. Additionally, by setting your email client to only accept mail secure using XOTIC, it eliminates the possibility of receiving “phishing” emails from spoofed senders.

XOTIC is ideal for securing large files, volumes, IoT data, data in public cloud environments, on mobile devices, within big data sets, or in large enterprise environments.

Technical Description

Able to be imbedded into a multitude of devices and form-factors.

Cipher Structure:
XOR Cipher
+ one-time pad (OTP) cipher
+ deterministic sequence generation (DSG)

The resultant value is completely random. The key pattern is never reused. The inverted XOR used to decrypt will ALWAYS succeed as ALL key patterns will generate results but only ONE key will generate the correct result. There is no mathematical ‘flag’ saying that decrypt failed as any value XOR’d with with any value will always produce another value.