Engineering / Consulting Services

Cluster Design and Implementation
Working with customers to determine the optimal tool mix and topology delivering highly-available, production-ready frameworks, able to handle the most demanding and scalable workloads from day one.

Mentoring and Training
Mentoring and training big data staff and data scientists enabling companies to optimize returns on their big data investments.

Data Science Services
Performing use case discovery, model development and training, developing production ready machine learning, documented and ready to deploy, adding intelligence to business operations while enriching the value of existing data. Real-time streaming solutions with repeatable, verifiable results with world class training and documentation.

ETL Optimization
Recommending the right tool mix for the successful ingestion, transformation and publishing of data to operational and analytics users for downstream consumption for such tools as Informatica and Tableau, and analytics users such as KNIME and Spark.

Cluster Heath Check and Performance Optimization
Performing detailed analysis of existing environments and make actionable recommendations to improving operational efficiency and return on technology investments.

Data Migration
Project lead data migrations from one big data distribution to another with zero downtime and a smooth transition for customer’s staff and customers.

ZFS Deployment and Migration
Performing deployments and migrations to the ZFS file system which has features and benefits not found in any other non-distributed file system available today and is an excellent file system for demanding applications such as Percona/MySQL and other, critical infrastructure services.