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Politics and politicians will interfere more than encryption will with stopping the bad guys.

The surest way to not get anything done is to take the problem out of technology and into politics. Cybersecurity solution developers have to be data and key agnostic, this puts the burden on the end user. If an end user becomes a suspect for any reason, all the government agency needs to do is the same thing they have always done…IT IS CALLED DUE PROCESS. Go to court and get a warrant. Our government has proved one thing in the last few years, they move slowly and spend too much on toilet seats.

This is not about what the President gets wrong as quoted in the Washington Post, http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2015/02/19/what-president-obama-is-getting-wrong-about-encryption/, it is about Technology leaders not getting dragged into the political mayhem in this country.

The reality is hackers are nimble and unregulated while the government is slow and extremely regulated. What is left? TECHNOLOGY. It is time for the leaders of the technology cyber industry to step up, after all isn’t solving problems the very definition of technology? The reality is we are very capable of protecting our citizens without infringing on their rights. In this day and age of technological advances you can be an advocate of privacy and cyber protection.

Our valuable sensitive data needs to be protected with the deepest and strongest encryption available. It is time for a call to action within the cyber security leadership and the community, the government cannot do this on their own. The technology already exists, let’s make a plan to use it.