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Enterprise Key Management

Maintaining control of sensitive proprietary data in the cloud or a hybrid environment is challenging. Enterprise organizations either implement their own client side solution to secure their data, or they entrust that security to the public cloud provider. The provider’s security measures state that they are encrypting using AES-256 or some other highly secure encryption, but that single key is usually associated with a user’s login credentials and is owned by the vendor. If the organization is using the public cloud provider’s security most organizations don’t take the necessary steps to secure it and rely upon the data being “securely” locked behind a single alphanumeric login and password, creating a single point of failure. Additionally, time and again those same providers have exhibited problems that may expose one or more databases to the internet at large. These problems occur in ways that the business has limited control over, such as the insider threat including disgruntled employees/partners having access to the key, an exposed API, infrastructure being updated, or even simple firewall settings being changed. Cloud providers do provide security, but they also tend to recommend that Enterprise organizations using their services take the necessary precautions to protect their own data.

Secure Channels’ encryption and key management solution grants Enterprises ownership of the security of their data while significantly reducing the risk of any single attack vector resulting in data loss. Now Administrators are able to encrypt data at a granular scale and maintain ownership of the encryption keys in a highly secured and independent key vault to ensure that they’re never exposed. While standard key management solutions can introduce challenges when dealing with a significant volume of encryption keys, Secure Channels has partnered with leading cloud key vault providers to resolve those challenges. When using a cloud key vault in addition to our solution, Administrators are able to search for files and use the correct encryption key, in an entirely different database/location. Should a criminal actor gain access to the database, they will be immediately faced with data that is encrypted at highly secure Administrator defined key-lengths. The Secure Channels solution delivers the security that’s required by organizations today without the challenges of the solutions of yesterday.

Maintaining security around private data has never been more important to an organization and taking control of that security is a pivotal step to ensure continual compliance. Secure Channels’ encryption and key management solution grants organizations complete control and data protection that meets stringent regulatory requirements, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) .

Secure Channels’ offering uses the XOTIC cryptosystem to deliver key lengths extending from 512-bit to over 8,192-bits with encrypt/decrypt speeds that exceed those of nearly all modern ciphers.

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