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ESOC - Customized Security Operations Center

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Built for Hollywood and
the Global Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Security Operation Center

ESOC is an exclusive content defense system, deploying top to bottom cyber solutions in an entertainment industry media asset and project management system, protected with award winning and patented security technologies hosted in a top security Tier III data center. Covering the film making process and its assets from inception to camera lens to global distribution, ESOC provides security by encrypting and protecting all computer data including content, email, instant messages and documents with the ability to add a timer or revoke any user’s permissions to see any content they are not authorized to see. The ESOC ecosystem delivers security from end to end, using seven proprietary patents, some designed specifically for the entertainment industry.

ESOC Benefits:
  • Designed and built by Secure Channels – a cybersecurity innovator and multiple patent holder of next generation encryption and authentication solutions
  • Private, membership-only design with security in mind
  • Simple sign-up process with an easy-to-use, customizable interface
  • Gives members multiple login/ authentication methods for extra security
  • Provides peace of mind by allowing ESOC to now obtain cybersecurity insurance policies, or apply for discounts on their existing policies
  • Provides a chain of custody and allows members to control the chain of custody of their content, audit trail reporting
  • Validates and secures third party contractors/ companies
  • All data is stored in secure Tier 3 Datacenter
Maximize your workday…

Hollywood’s communication and collaboration process are the Wild West of business practice. First, it has no hub.

Second, no customized best-practices. It’s a decentralized industry to work the way creatives work.

Enter ESOC (Entertainment Security Operation Center)

ESOC is custom-designed for the company as well as the end-user

Everything goes through the TIER 3 Datacenter

Now your calls, texts, and emails are protected and valuable IP (movies, dailies, films, artwork, scripts) will be stored in the datacenter.

Access and authorization is clearly defined by registering devices and multi-factor authentication (i.e. photo, encrypted fingerprints, optical scan) Authentication is Supplied by Secure Channels patented SUBROSA© authentication as well as multiple other authentications via ImageWare   ImageWare’s multiple options for secure authentication

Secure Channels’ ESOC is the world’s first members only, closed end, centralized ecosystem for secure management of the entertainment industry’s chain-of-custody, content and intellectual property.

Knowing that…

Your staff and devices are registered, your communications voice/ emails/ Instant messages are safe, your log-in and user authentication is customized to you, the attachments you send are encrypted, trackable, and can have time limits and policies put on them

Not having to care about…

Buying and deploying the all necessary IT hardware and software, integrating and validating and testing all the technologies, monitoring and supporting the entire solution on a 24×7 basis

Just by…

Joining ESOC

Having Secure Channels deploy a custom white-labeled ESOC for your large organization

ESOC Data Sheet

ESOC Overview Data Sheet
ESOC Overview Data Sheet
Studio White-label ESOC example:
  • Customized, private, exclusive SOC defined only by the studio
  • Allows complete autonomy by mirroring ESOC’s ability to need to control their content while being able to share information internally, with partners, or third-party vendors
  • Extends the studio’s brand by offering branded customization
White-Label ESOC example:
  • Large entertainment organizations with need to share information with many independently managed/ operated subsidiaries that prefer more autonomy
Communicate freely and openly – without having to be a cybersecurity expert.

Guarantee the security of your communication

Being able to securely share & transit information and data is not only a competitive advantage. Security attacks threatens our ability to communication and transfer ideas, documents and content.

The sharing of information is collaborating.

Most industries are unaware of the risks

You’ve got work to do, you don’t have the time, money or resources to:

  • Become a cybersecurity expert
  • Buy more security tools

Stop… trying to learn how to be a cybersecurity expert

Stop… worrying about security architecture and adding more steps

Stop… trying to be your own IT support

  • Can be easily customized to accommodate the unique needs of multiple industries as well as large enterprise organizations that want an end-to-end solution
  • Industry-specific design with customizability
  • Worry-free, management, monitoring, security
  • Membership-based with simple sign-up process
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