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Data Security – From Script to Screen


Protect the Creative Process

Continuing to be a top target, cybersecurity and anti-piracy are continue to be top agenda items for the entertainment industry. Previously this is a complex task given the wide distribution of creative content. Writers, production companies, distributors, and agencies must protect and monitor content from the moment it’s created to the time it hits the screen.

Enter ESOC (Entertainment Security Operation Center)

ESOC is custom-designed for the company as well as the end-user

Everything goes through the TIER 3 Datacenter

Now your calls, texts, and emails are protected and valuable IP (movies, dailies, films, artwork, scripts) will be stored in the datacenter.

Access and authorization is clearly defined by registering devices and multi-factor authentication (i.e. photo, encrypted fingerprints, optical scan) Authentication is Supplied by Secure Channels patented SUBROSA authentication as well as multiple other authentications via ImageWare   ImageWare’s multiple options for secure authentication

Secure Channels’ ESOC is the world’s first members only, closed end, centralized ecosystem for secure management of the entertainment industry’s chain-of-custody, content and intellectual property.

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Media & Entertainment Concerns for 2018

  • Enabling collaboration with absolute control of data and access
  • Deploying sufficient data security and privacy measures
  • Securing access to applications and systems across your organization
  • Keeping up with new technologies and industry trends

Confidently Create and Collaborate with Studios and Partners

Secure Channels offers unique services and solutions that completely and securely control the content, “chain of custody”, which includes all data, files, emails and texts that occur within Hollywood productions.  Closed system ensures absolute control of creative content and access – at all times.

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Regulatory and Studio Guidelines


Maintaining Content Chain of Custody


Absolute Data Control & Collaboration


User Errors & Misuse


Stolen or Lost Devices with Sensitive Content