Five Ways ParaDoxBox Addresses Cybersecurity Gaps

1. Strong, scalable encryption
2. Data protection for vulnerable endpoints
3. Quick, simple deployment at enterprise scale
4. Augments existing security investments
5. Improved control over protected data

ParaDoxBox and your Business

ParaDoxBox is a SaaS-based, data security solution that protects data where it is most vulnerable – at the edge. It fills current gaps in endpoint security exacerbated by workforce trends that are increasingly emphasizing flexibility and work-from-anywhere policies.

ParaDoxBox protects data across devices, drives, partitions, volumes, files and commercial Cloud storage solutions based on the enterprise’s unique needs and configurations. It enables enterprises to securely share data with both internal users and external partners. At the same time, the enterprise retains full control and access to all its data.

What is ParaDoxBox?

ParaDoxBox™ creates encrypted virtual containers on endpoints, providing protection levels that meet or exceed industry and national standards. It is transparent once deployed, requiring no specialized training. Users select the encryption algorithms and the standards with which to comply (e.g., FIPS 140-2 Annex A).

Secure Channels’ SUBROSA©® authentication technology and the PKMS2® Mode of Operation are both optional, licensed components . Even in the event the network is breached, ParaDoxBox™ ensures that your data is safe.

Pervasive Encryption

The ParaDoxBox™ Data Security Platform can be easily deployed to all of an organization’s laptops and workstations (either by download, isolated sandbox environment, or group policy installation). Once installed and registered, it can be used to provide any desired combination of full disk, partition, volume, hidden volume, and file encryption. ParaDoxBox™ goes well-beyond BitLocker-style Full Drive Encryption (FDE).

SCI Solutions Using ParaDoxBox Technology

SCI Subsidiaries Using ParaDoxBox Technology

SCI Licensed Upgrades Available

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