Q-BOX Data Transfer Appliance Keeps Your Sensitive Data Safe No Matter Where You Send It.

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Q-Box and your Business

  • Deployable in-line with current  workflow
  • Encrypts data/media at the source using XOTIC encryption BEFORE being sent to the Cloud or Off-site
  • Superior alternative to encrypted tunnels (TLS/ SSL) or generic provider-supplied (AES-128, PGP, etc.) protections
  • Users are still able to leverage their existing cloud storage platforms for storage/ backup/ archive


Technology in the News

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SCI Subsidiaries Using Q-Box Technology

What is Q-Box?

  •  Encryption/ Decryption Transfer Appliance
  • Bi-directional encryption/decryption of Data-in-Transit
  • Leverages XOTIC Cryptosystem encryption
  • Leverages Secure Key Infrastructure Process

Use Cases:

  • Backups (Cloud or Off-site)
  • Archives (Cloud or Off-site)
  • Disaster Recovery (Cloud or Off-site)