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From the Orange County Register:

DATA DEMONS Richard Blech, CEO of tech security specialists Secure Channels from Irvine, is (not surprisingly) worried about data theft:

“What keeps me up at night is knowing so much of our private sensitive and personal data is susceptible to being breached. The fact that there is a secondary market for stolen digital data means that this problem will not go away until industry leaders and the government make it a priority to protect our private data.”

The original article can be found here.

Secure Channels Inc., has created a paradigm shift within the technology industry. Secure Channels Inc. is a cybersecurity firm leveraging robust, state-of-the-art patented encryption technologies and authentication solutions compatible with every type of data available today. Fostering innovative disruptive technologies while still being user defined has become a cornerstone for Secure Channels. Developing patented unique processes to harden encryption and envelop resources in such a way as to render the data unbreakable and useless to the hacker, leaving them with only bits and bytes. By using its Proximity Technologies and securing data through IoT Devices, Secure Channels will be delivering real time analytics, payment processing, and data collection to any mobile platform or device. Secure Channels provides impenetrable cybersecurity far in excess of any existing encryption systems available, you would have to go to the future to find such security and Secure Channels would already be there.