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Privacy has always been crucial subject of discussion and data privacy is the main concern for today’s advanced world. From saving data to cloud storage to send a simple office/personal mail, everything which consists information is data and data could be used in favor and against of anyone. Recognizing the importance of data security and with the intention to bring innovative solutions, Secure Channels Inc. is enabling enterprises to protect their data in more secure way than ever before.

In today’s data-centric world, Secure Channels’ mission is to provide users access to the latest and most innovative data protection and user authentication tools and make them easy to access and use. The company wants organizations to be able to confidently control the security of their data to protect against today’s threats and those in the not so distant future – such as Quantum Computing. Its offerings agnostically protect any and all forms of data, whether in-transit or at-rest, not just build a fortress around data. The organization appeals to enterprise IT administrators by making user experience as simple and seamless as possible. It thinks of this as “no friction encryption”.

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