SUBROSA© Users Select Images from Variable Grids to Develop Complex Passwords – Solution Offers Flexible Deployment through SDK or via an API Web Service


IRVINE, Calif., June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Secure Channels Inc., provider of innovative security solutions designed to complement existing security investments, announced today the release of its patented SUBROSA© (Simple User Based Resource Oriented Segmentation Architecture) solution. This patented solution allows users to vastly improve their password security through choosing unique data resources to develop complex cryptographic keys. It’s a vital part of a multi-factor authentication strategy, and provides users with personalized cryptographic authentication available on any device. SUBROSA© is also extensible to other file formats, and can be used with audio, film, and other file types.

SUBROSA© works by taking the user through the selection of various image segments to develop a cryptographic key. The number of variables present in the image selection process creates the complexity needed to develop lengthy and secure passwords. Users can choose the number of images, the grid size, image size, and the tile sequences which combine to produce complex encrypted keys. The selection of each image segment within the grid is simple for the user to remember but is not easily shared or able to be stolen, which further improves its security strength compared to traditional password generation.

Secure Channels Inc. developed SUBROSA© to combat brute-force password attacks by developing cryptographic password key from image segments of at least of 65,000 or more characters strong. Passwords of such length would require even the most advanced hackers to spend an inordinate and inefficient amount of time to crack through brute force techniques. SUBROSA© is simple to use, and easy to deploy through either an API or SDK, providing companies with the flexibility to utilize the solution in a way that best fits their current architecture. It effectively eliminates the need for insecure password storage and prevents common hacking attempts such as cracking, social engineering, or phishing.

“The beauty of SUBROSA© is its blend of simplicity and power,” said Richard Blech, Chief Executive Officer of Secure Channels Inc. “It requires zero technical aptitude to use, and creates massively complex passwords that would take an inordinate amount of time to break, even with sophisticated or brute force attacks. We’re in the age of sophisticated attacks, where creating an 8 to 12 character password with capital letters and special characters simply doesn’t afford enough protection. The length of the password is what’s necessary to thwart attacks, and our patented SUBROSA© is able to elegantly build such long cryptographic keys through the simple image segment selection process.”

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