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Deal Extends SCI’s Cybersecurity Protection to Middle Eastern Critical Infrastructure

Secure Channels Inc. entered a three-year partnership with Oregon Systems, OT/Critical Infrastructure Focused Cyber Security solutions Distributor with value-added services.  The agreement grants Oregon Systems exclusive rights to distribute, resell and integrate Secure Channels’ state-of-the-art cyberdefense technologies throughout Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, State of Kuwait and Sultanate of Oman.  Through its cybersecurity partnerships, Oregon Systems can now leverage Secure Channels’ dynamic cryptosystem, XOTIC®, toward safeguarding critical operational technology (OT) systems in the region.

Oregon Systems partnership with Secure Channels is the result of regional market demand of encryption to protect the region’s increasingly connected OT and critical infrastructure.  The company sought encryption prime for IoT integration with key lengths that will withstand brute-force attacks from advancing quantum threats.  Secure Channels’ XOTIC cryptosystem proved to be the sole cipher to encrypt at the required future-ready strengths, while being fast and adaptable to accommodate developing technology.

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