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Secure Channels’ robust, state-of-the-art PKMS2® encryption renders all types of data fully protected and unreadable. It delivers unmatched security that protects all forms and types of data across the organization (in storage, transit or active use), even if a private cloud is hacked – and is an unbreakable encryption standard with zero induced lag.

OVERVIEW: Its Pattern Key Multi Segment, Multi Standard (PKMS2®) encryption provides data protection that’s orders of magnitude beyond the use of single key or protocol. PKMS2® breaks every file into varied-length segments, and then uses separate processes and patented methods to encrypt each segment individually. Data sets become ‘virtual patchworks’ of myriad variety, and the process prevents data from appearing as text or other cohesive content – even when decrypted.

ADDED ASSURANCE: Secure Channels also lets customers inject their own encryption algorithms into the SC encryption process pipeline, eliminating any potential for back door access and mining – even by Secure Channels’ own systems and personnel.

What sets this product apart?

THE END RESULT: unparalleled encryption that’s orders of magnitude more secure than all known security industry encryption methods, and begins where competitive products finish.

“It would take a supercomputer making 19 quadrillion calculations per second at nearly 30x the age of the universe to break the encryption of Secure Channels PKMS2®,” notes Secure Channels CEO Richard Blech

Additional differentiators & background:

  • Uses current encryption standards (e.g. AES256) together with the company’s own patented protocols based on PKMS2®.syt
  • Secure Channels’ mathematical encryption models with more than 350 patterns and an encryption-oriented scripting language, together with optional customer encryption processes.
  • Flexibility: customers select their degree of security – from minimal for FIPS compliance to the company’s maximal security of a virtually impenetrable nature, or anywhere between.
  • Secure traverse: endpoint-to-endpoint encryption, from data storage through transmission and to receiving endpoint, making the Cloud safer than a military data center.

For more information, visit: http://securechannels.com

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