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Booth 2431 to Feature Premium-Grade Encryption and Partner Solutions

Secure Channels Inc. starts its tradeshow season Feb. 24 to 27 at the RSA Conference 2020 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  The cybersecurity leader will showcase at Booth 2431 new technological deployments for its upgraded products and outline solutions devised to fill widening cybersecurity gaps.

Visitors to the booth will see how Secure Channels’ premium-grade encryption, XOTIC Core, effectively protects IoT digital transformations.  As 5G service fuels the spread of connected devices, those reliant on the technology to safely store and transmit sensitive data are often under-protected by their cybersecurity limitations.  IoT devices, components and sensors optimized for peak performance, battery life and cost generally lack the resources to host strong encryption.  XOTIC Core is Secure Channels’ lightweight, efficient post-quantum cryptosystem that fits and functions in resource-constrained technologies.  XOTIC Core supplies high-performance encryption to several technologies with easily-targeted vulnerabilities as they’re brought online, like OT/critical infrastructure, network cameras and vehicle telemetry systems.

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