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Secure Channels Wins InfoSec Awards 2018 for Encryption, Cutting Edge

InfoSec Awards 2018 – Winners

Welcome to the InfoSec Awards for 2018. It’s been nearly six months in the making – our annual review of the hottest, most innovative, best, market leaders, next-generation and cutting edge INFOSEC companies offering incredible products and services. This year we decided to also include and give credit to a small list of public relations firms that do a great job to help get the word out about these innovators and we’ve included a small list of very important people to keep an eye on – because they are making a difference.

We scoured the globe and found nearly 3,000 companies who create and offer the most respected InfoSec products and services. Some of them you have never even heard of until today. Some are startups and some are early stage. Some are bigger known players. But what they all have in common is a drive for innovation. They truly want to help you get ahead of the next breach. They are on a mission to help you comply with regulations, stop the cyber-criminals, hackers, hacktivists, cyber terrorists and threats against critical infrastructure. They offer solutions for businesses and government agencies of all sizes, big and small.

The judging was challenging and difficult and we’ve even had some ties this year where two vendors deserved the same award such as Hot Company or Innovator, for example. We’re thrilled to announce the winners – please let them know you found them in Cyber Defense Magazine, approximately 200 of the best Infosec vendors to consider for your arsenal at getting ahead of the next threat!

Here are the winners:

Apricorn, Best Product
Fortanix, Most Innovative
SafeLogic, Leader
Secure Channels, Cutting Edge

Read the full list of winners here.