A streamlined approach to email security

Easy to install plug-in for your existing email application

Unlike many other email encryption products, XFA Mail does not use vulnerable opensource encryption or the cumbersome (PKI) key exchange process to ensure the confidentiality, authenticity or integrity of emails.



Unlike any other email encryption solution… 

XFA Mail represent a new streamlined approach to email security  using the combination of our patented XOTIC cryptosystem encryption and the the SCIFCOM (non-PKI based) global satellite key exchange process. 


Technical Details

The Secure Channels XFA Mail (XOTIC File Attachment) plug-in is a non-PKI-based email encryption solution. XFA Mail provides strong encryption for email communications that is also fast and user friendly. The simple XFA Mail plug-in uses one-time pad style (OTP) encryption to secure emails from man-in-the-middle and Wi-Fi sniffing attacks. OTP encryption, or Vernam cipher encryption, is the only encryption method that has been mathematically proven to be completely secure.

 XFA Mail utilizes the SCIFCOM Secure Token and Key Exchange System, which is a worldwide infrastructure in which keys are distributed across a satellite network for true double-blinding.