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Chinese hackers involved, $5 billion class action filed against Anthem, HIPPA processes not adhered to, what a mess Anthem has caused. Anthem claims that the stolen data was not encrypted “because it was not medical records”. Are you kidding!! By all means don’t encrypt the most personal data of my life!

How can you be an entrusted safe-keeper of private and sensitive consumer information and not thought it necessary to protect said data by encrypting it. Did you not have enough money or resources to acquire the necessary technology to do the job?…Were you too busy charging premiums to your customers that protecting their sensitive data that you hold as unimportant? These and many more questions will have to be answered by Anthem and they should be held to the grill for this.

These regular occurring breaches are an epidemic and everyone is aware of the threat of a data breach. Hey Anthem, had you heard about the other breaches? This should have come as no surprise to Anthem, apparently, as the massiveness of this breach and the far reaching effects are going be felt for some time.

There is going to be much causation resulting from this breach, for HIPPA, EMR’s, insurers, IT professionals and of course as always, the consumers who will at the end of the day have to foot the bill for the abuse of trust by Anthem.

This naturally will effect the digital ecosystem as a whole, the more these breaches happen, the less trust the general public will have with institutions that are entrusted with our sensitive data.

This will have a butterfly effect.