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Richard Blech is the Founder and CEO at Secure Channels.SCI provides innovative, patented cybersecurity solutions to any existing investment

Malware is nothing if not a paean to human ingenuity. As complex and secure as modern connected systems are, attackers always appear to be one step ahead. Like silver bullets, they seem to unerringly find chinks in the electronic armor through which they slip to wreak havoc. In doing so, cyberspace’s malicious actors have acquired legendary status. They strike any target, anywhere, at any time, and the sclerotic forces of law and order (not to mention system administration) are powerless to stop them. They are invincible, indomitable and indefatigable.

Articles like a recent one published by Motherboard discussing the Cutlet Maker malware used in jackpotting attacks on ATMs can help reinforce this imagery. Anything that gets an ATM to spit out wads of cash on demand is certainly newsworthy, and it highlights the attackers’ extraordinary technical-fu. But before we start wringing our hands over the hopelessness of it all, it’s worth noting what the article doesn’t spotlight.

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