What Channel is Cartoon Network on Spectrum?

The availability of Cartoon Network on Spectrum is a common inquiry for many viewers seeking specific channel details. Spectrum offers a diverse array of channel listings across different locations. From California to Texas, New York to Kentucky, knowing “What Channel is Cartoon Network on Spectrum?” helps viewers navigate to their beloved cartoon content.

About Cartoon Network

Animated shows and movies are primarily aired on the channel. It explores genres like action, suspense and comedy, and it is designed for kids aged between six and eleven. Adult Swim is a separate block for young adults and is geared towards them.

In addition to providing children with educational and entertainment content, the channel strives to ensure that the content is researched thoroughly before it is published. Through their favourite characters, children can learn new vocabulary and moral lessons.

Which Plans Offer Cartoon Network on Spectrum?

People often inquire about Cartoon Network availability when purchasing a cable TV package. Plans without Cartoon Network, however great they may be, are often discarded.

What Channel is Cartoon Network on Spectrum?
What Channel is Cartoon Network on Spectrum?

If you do not see a cable channel in your lineup, we recommend you contact Spectrum customer support. Because cable channel availability varies by location, we recommend checking with Spectrum customer support. This page also shows if your zip code pulls up the Cartoon Network channel number. The Mi Plan Latino TV plan is available to Spanish-speaking customers who want to watch Cartoon Network.

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What Channel is Cartoon Network on Spectrum?

You’re stuck after installing your new cable connection for a long time, but the hardship doesn’t end there. You have to figure out what number of your favourite channels are on shortly afterward, which can take some time. Using the Spectrum voice remote or the on-screen channel guide should give you the correct channel number, but there are better ways than browsing the channels.

List of Spectrum Cartoon Network Channels

Los Angeles57, 264, 921
San Diego62, 264, 921
Anaheim47, 264, 921
Long Beach68, 738
Bakersfield64, 501, 615, 1501
Reno41, 723
Corpus Christi44, 264, 921
San Antonio45, 264, 921
Austin43, 264, 921
El Paso62, 264, 921
Dallas64, 818
Birmingham18, 107, 863, 1107
Montgomery49, 724
Lexington37, 290, 325, 981
Louisville52, 290, 325, 981
Charlotte53, 264, 921
Durham64, 264, 921
Raleigh64, 264, 921
Indianapolis53, 107, 863, 1107
Milwaukee57, 106, 799, 1106
Kansas City58, 264, 921
Columbus68, 325, 428, 981
Cincinnati27, 106, 868, 1106
Cleveland66, 106, 868, 1106
New York61, 264, 921
Albany32, 264, 921
Buffalo45, 264, 921
What Channel is Cartoon Network on Spectrum?

Spectrum Cartoon Network Channel List For CA

In California, you can watch Cartoon Network on channels 264 or 921. Additionally, if you live in Anaheim, Los Angeles, or San Diego, you can watch cartoons on channel 47.

In Long Beach and Bakersfield, there will need to be more than channels 264 and 921 to work. To watch Cartoon Network, watch channels 68 and 768 in Long Beach and 64, 501, 615, and 1501 in Bakersfield. Living in Reno? Watch it on Channel 41 or 723.

NY/NC/OH Cartoon Network Spectrum Channels

In New York, Cartoon Network airs on Spectrum channels 264 and 921. The Cartoon Network channel can also be viewed on Channel 32 in Albany, Channel 45 in Buffalo, and Channel 61 in New York. Also, Cartoon Network airs on North Carolina channels 264 and 921.

Durham and Raleigh have channel 64; Charlotte has channel 53; Cleveland and Cincinnati have channels 106, 868, and 1106. Cartoon Network is on channel 64 in Durham and Raleigh and channel 53 in Charlotte. 

Cincinnati has 27 Cartoon Network channels, and Cleveland has 66 Cartoon Network channels. Columbus has a different Cartoon Network channel number than the other two cities; you must watch channels 68, 325, 428, or 981 to see Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network Channels on Spectrum In Texas and Kentucky

Need help finding What Channel is Cartoon Network on Spectrum in Texas? In Texas, you should be able to watch Cartoon Network on channels 264 and 921 (except in Dallas), while Dallas residents can watch it on channels 64 and 818. Below, you’ll find a listing of the channels for Cartoon Network that have been lowered in number.

  • Corpus Christi: 44, 264, 921
  • San Antonio: 45, 264, 921
  • Austin: 43, 264, 921
  • El Paso: 62, 264, 921
  • Dallas: 64, 818

Cartoon Network is also available in Kentucky on Spectrum cable boxes via channels 290, 325, and 981. If you want to go only some of the way to those channels, you can also watch it through Lexington and Louisville’s Channels 37 and 52.

What Channel is Cartoon Network on Spectrum?
What Channel is Cartoon Network on Spectrum?

The past ten years have seen cartoons become immensely popular, and some of them have remained on television for decades. Today’s cartoons aren’t just for kids but are geared towards people of all ages.

In today’s world, cartoon fans can watch their favourite cartoon characters daily on television. Here are some of the best shows to watch on Cartoon Network;

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

The popular show Ninjago teaches kids lessons through the perspective of ninjas, which makes it one of the most popular shows for kids these days. There are six ninjas in Ninjago who train to become ninja heroes. Each adventure is packed with action, comedy, and suspense, making it fun for viewers to watch. The green ninja, Elliott from the earth, is accompanied by Jay, Cole, Zane, and Kai, who help him become a better ninja.

Adventure Time

The show Adventure Time is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The show follows Finn and Jake, two best friends who embark on adventures in an imaginary world filled with strange creatures and people. Their adventures are made easier when Jake can stretch his body into any shape or form.

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

Taking on the evil that threatens Pure Heart Valley, Sheriff Mao Mao is a quirky, daring cat who makes friends with Badgerclops and a pet dog called Adorabat. This new series premiered in July of this year and has already become one of the most popular shows on TV.

Gumball Watterson

Gumball on Cartoon Network is a show that follows the adventures of a 12-year-old boy who has blue cat-like features and lives in Elmore. He works hard to become a better person despite many obstacles.

Teen Titans Go!

All five main characters in this show go on adventures and fight crime daily. This show is a spin-off of the popular show Teen Titans. Whenever evil villains try to attack their city, these five superheroes are always on standby to defend it. The Flash, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy are ready to fight crime!

We Bare Bears

Animated bears are not surprising for the network because the loving embrace of a teddy bear is comforting to kids. Three brother bears awkwardly try to find their place in a civilized human society in this cartoon. Due to their animal nature, they struggle as they make friends with humans, find food, and search for ways to get famous online. 

Spectrum Cable TV service may allow you to stream We Bare Bears: The Movie on-demand and cater to your kids’ TV cravings. However, the show has ended, so that you can watch it whenever.               

Tig n’ Seek

The TV show takes place in the depths of the wilderness after a boy called Tig find himself abandoned by his family after he finds himself abandoned by his family. Currently airing since August 2021, the show is due to continue for several more months.

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There is no need to worry anymore. You know exactly where to find Cartoon Network on Spectrum. As you will soon see, Spectrum TV offers help everywhere you look. There is no question that you won’t find answers to, thanks to its huge community. 

You can reach Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918 to make sure your favourite channels are included in your Spectrum TV lineup if you need to make a change. If you have any questions, their staff is ready to assist you.


Does Spectrum TV offer Cartoon Network?

Cartoon Network is available on Spectrum TV, and you can watch all the shows you love.

Which Spectrum TV packages have Cartoon Network?

Three main Spectrum packages include Cartoon Network: Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, and Spectrum Gold.

How many channels are included in Spectrum Streaming?

You can choose from three plans with Spectrum Streaming, including TV Essentials, TV Stream, and TV Choice. In addition to channel lists changing over time, channel numbers can also change.

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