What Channel is CNBC on DirecTV?

Finding What Channel is CNBC on DirecTV, which unveils a comprehensive world of business news and financial insights. Amidst its transformative history and mergers, CNBC has expanded its reach, now available on DirecTV with extensive viewership. 

This guide navigates DirecTV packages, revealing where to find CNBC and empowering viewers with insights into channel numbers and streaming options.

About CNBC

CNBC is an American business news channel owned by the NBCUniversal News Group, which launched the channel about 31 years ago. The name Consumer News and Business Channel is not used these days.

It took CNBC years to become what it is today after enduring numerous changes and disruptions. These included cable carriage problems, financial hardships, and competition from the well-established Financial News Network (FNN). The network got things back on track when, in 1991, it acquired FNN and merged the two operations. 

CNBC’s distribution increased from 17 million homes to over 40 million due to the merger. In addition to its domestic US feed, CNBC has many localized versions operating in Asia and Europe. It reaches an impressive 93 million Americans with pay-TV subscriptions today.

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It is a given that CNBC is available on cable TV service because DIRECTV is one of the leading cable TV providers in the country and one of the country’s premier news channels. As one of the country’s leading cable television providers, CNBC has a large viewership abroad and in the US. The channel is available on the Entertainment channel package, their least expensive plan, so you don’t have to invest in an expensive plan to get it.

With DIRECTV, you can choose from any package based on your region. If you only need CNBC, choose the Entertainment package with 160+ channels, which costs $65 for the first year and rises to $107 afterwards.

What Channel is CNBC on DirecTV?
What Channel is CNBC on DirecTV?

What Channel is CNBC on DirecTV?

CNBC has come a long way since its inception. Despite facing difficulties and severe financial issues, the channel has emerged stronger and better.

CNBC distribution soared from 17 million households to 40 million after acquiring FNN (Financial News Network) and merging. About 93 million households now receive CNBC in America.

DirecTV’s CNBC channel number is often a viable solution when it takes time to locate. However, how many people know the DirecTV channel number for CNBC? It’s probably not everyone. This leaves us no choice but to share it with you. Here is a table containing DirecTV’s CNBC channel number.

Channel NameChannel Number
CNBC World357
What Channel is CNBC on DirecTV?

How to get CNBC on DIRECTV?

It is no secret that DIRECTV is a staple of American households because it offers endless entertainment and a mix of popular and premium channels in one package. The availability of CNBC is dependent on your area. Before we discuss what channel is CNBC/DIRECTV, let’s take a look at the provider’s history.

With 18.4 million households in America, DIRECTV is one of the most popular sources of TV entertainment. In this particular genre, Satellite TV stands out from its competitors. DIRECTV’s channel lineups are tailored to meet the needs of every household, which is why it is an ideal choice for many households. Here are some of the features:

  • Diverse channel lineups
  • Top-notch DVR Service
  • Premium Channels
  • Live TV using the DIRECTV App

A high-speed internet connection is also required for highly efficient TV service. We recommend bundling your DIRECTV service with CenturyLink Internet to save on your monthly bill and get more features than if you bought each plan individually. CenturyLink offers exceptional connections and reliable internet speeds, so we recommend bundling your service with CenturyLink Internet. Moreover, CenturyLink Customer Service is excellent at providing fast answers to internet-related questions.

Can I Stream CNBC?

The CNBC website and DIRECTV Stream apps are two ways to watch the channel. CNBC has an ever-growing online presence, and a streaming service is part of that growing online presence. CNBC’s website can be accessed by logging in with your DIRECTV account or by creating a new account and signing up for a Pro account.

Watching the live stream for free will be possible since CNBC allows television provider accounts to access all content on its website. Watching the stream for $30 per month will require a subscription.

Since DIRECTV is a much cheaper option, I recommend logging in with your account, but the Pro package includes investment recommendations with the channel stream as well. The channel can also be streamed via an app called CNBC, which is available on Android and iOS and works in the same way as its website does.

You can watch DIRECTV Stream live on any device you have installed the app on and access any on-demand content you want. All DIRECTV packages come with a free DIRECTV Stream.

New viewers will find some recommendations on CNBC due to its impressive shows and programs.

What Channel is CNBC on DirecTV?
What Channel is CNBC on DirecTV?

Power Lunch

CNBC’s Power Lunch is one of the best business news shows available. It covers the economy, real estate, media, and technology. If you want the best business news coverage, watch Power Lunch.

Fast Money

You should attend Fast Money, a talk show hosted by Melissa Lee and featuring a panel of top traders. The show has been airing on the channel since 2006 and focuses on stock trading. Melissa and her team of traders discuss different investment strategies. Arguments for and against specific stocks or sectors are elaborated upon.

Closing Bell

As the trading day enters its critical hour, Closing Bell provides viewers with a comprehensive look at world markets, what drives them, and how investors react. Wilfred Frost and Sara Eisen host live coverage of the New York Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange.

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As a result, DIRECTV includes CNBC in all of its channel lineups because of its excellent documentaries, business news telecasts, investigative programs, reality shows, and real-time financial updates. Watching CNBC on AT&T DIRECTV is a value-packed deal that beats the competition with service features and perks, even though other TV service providers in the US do not offer it. The deal also includes a year’s free AT&T Internet or Wireless service.

Get expert advice on which DIRECTV package is right for you by calling DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-925-2541 if you don’t already have DIRECTV.


Does DIRECTV have a CNBC channel?

All DIRECTV packages include CNBC in their channel lineup.

What channel is CNBC World on DIRECTV?

Channel 357 is the channel where you can watch CNBC World.

Is CNBC free on DIRECTV?


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