What Channel is CNN on Spectrum?

CNN, the pioneering 24-hour news network in the United States, is a cornerstone of current affairs for over 90 million households subscribed to Spectrum TV. To find What Channel is CNN on Spectrum, viewers can navigate various channel numbers across different cities, such as 201 in New York and 407 in Kentucky. Offering comprehensive news coverage and diverse programming, CNN’s availability on Spectrum channels varies, catering to audiences nationwide.

CNN on Spectrum TV

The first 24-hour, all-news channel in America, CNN, was launched in 1980 as the Cable News Network, commonly known as CNN. One of the top three news networks in the US, CNN is watched by over 900,000 news freaks daily with 90 million household subscribers.

We pride ourselves on providing our viewers with the highest quality news coverage 365 days a year, whether it’s dramatic live news coverage, sizzling hot headlines or sensational stories.

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What Channel is CNN on Spectrum?
What Channel is CNN on Spectrum?

What Channel is CNN on Spectrum?

Despite the endless array of digital TV entertainment, we can become overwhelmed by so many options that we must figure out what to watch. It seems a waste of time to sift through hundreds of channels instead of hitting the right buttons on the TV remote to find “the one” that suits your mood.

If you need to know what channel number to listen to, you might spend your entire evening flipping through channels if you need to know which TV series or movie to watch.

Spectrum TV packages are perfect for anyone who cannot stand missing breaking news, whether you are a news freak or not. You can find CNN on all Spectrum TV tiers. To check the channel number, open your Spectrum smart remote or the on-screen program guide.

Channel NameNew York, Albany,Florida, Chattahoochee,Minnesota, Rochester Area
CNN en Espanol834327243
CNN HD786752
What Channel is CNN on Spectrum?

Spectrum CNN Channel (NY/OH)

In New York, CNN is available on channel 201, in Manhattan on channel 78, Albany on channel 46, and Buffalo on channel 29. It’s also available on Channel 834 if you want to watch CNN en Espanol. You can only watch CNN International on Channel 216 in New York. This is only available in Albany and Albany.

CNN Espanol is on Channel 807 for Cleveland, and CNN main channel 77 for Cincinnati. CNN Espanol is available on channel 350 in Cleveland and CNN main channel 77 in Cincinnati.

CNN is available on different channels in Columbus than it is in other cities in Ohio. For Columbus, you have to tune in to channels 9, 407, and 904. In Columbus, you can also access CNN’s Spanish and International channels.

Where To Watch In North Carolina & Kentucky

There are several ways people can watch CNN in North Carolina. Spectrum offers CNN 201 and CNN en Espanol on 834. If you do not wish to watch on Channel 201, you can watch on other Spectrum channels, including 29 in Durham, Raleigh, and 32 in Charlotte.

In Kentucky, you can also watch CNN on Channels 407 and 904. In Lexington and Louisville, you can watch it on Channels 30 and 34. CNN Espanol is broadcast on Channel 369 in Kansas City.

Texas CNN Spectrum Channels

Many Texas subscribers can access CNN on Spectrum channel 201, but Dallas still needs to. Then you’ll have to go to channel 36 or 760. CNN has lowered the number of channels for Texas subscribers. Here is the list. Need CNN en Espanol in Texas? The channel is 834.

CNN On Spectrum In California

However, if you’re in Long Beach or Bakersfield, you must tune into channels 48 or 748 for CNN. If you’re in Long Beach, tune into channels 48 or 748. In Bakersfield, tune into channels 49, 80, and 1080 to watch CNN.

The other cities in CA have fewer channels: 37 in Los Angeles, 26 in San Diego, and 41 in Anaheim. There are only a few stations in California that broadcast CNN International and CNN en Espanol. CNN En Espanol is available on 834 for Los Angeles and Anaheim, 251 for Long Beach, and 613 for Bakersfield. People looking to watch CNN International can only do so on 216 and 95 in Bakersfield.

What Channel is CNN on Spectrum?
What Channel is CNN on Spectrum?

Inside Politics

The anchor for this program is seasoned journalist John King, who will discuss the most important stories in politics.

For over 20 years, Judy Woodruff had anchor duties on the show before it was rebranded in 2014. During that time, the show was anchored by Jim Palmer.

State of the Union

The talk show launched in 2009 and addressed current events and political issues exclusively. It is one of the most watched Sunday programming on CNN. 

John King initially hosted a 4-hour show, but later segments and an hour were allocated to Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer. Candy Crowley took over as host, but Jake Tapper currently hosts.

New Day

In 2013, Kate Bolduan and Chris Cuomo anchored the show with Alisyn Camerota and John Berman, and it was first broadcast on television in 2013.

Bolduan was replaced by Camerota in 2014. They replaced the outgoing show, Starting Point, which lasted three hours and had a weekend edition.

Anderson Cooper 360°

It is a CNN and CNN International news show, sometimes called AC-360 or 360. Anderson Cooper, a CNN journalist, anchors the show. Originally launched in early 2019, 360° has broadcast from CNN’s studios in New York City and Washington, DC, since the show has been on our screens.

To spice up the program, Anderson Cooper also airs some editions from the scene of breaking news events. During the week, it airs between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. ET and 1:00 a.m. and midnight ET. A repeat is also available at 1:00 a.m.1:00 a.m. and midnight ET. This is a program that you should check out for a comprehensive analysis of important trends.

Cuomo Prime Time

CNN and CNN International both broadcast this news analysis show every week. The show is hosted by CNN journalist Chris Cuomo every weeknight from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET. The show will be replayed between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. ET. In 2019, CNN launched the Time Warner Center in New York City, where the show is aired.

Chris Cuomo is a mainstay on CNN mornings and also broadcasts prime-time sessions involving breaking news updates and other guests from the world of politics. Some editions of the show are also broadcast from CNN’s Washington, DC studio.

CNN Newsroom

It has run on CNN for many years. It premiered in 2006 as a replacement for CNN Live Today. A weekly allotted time of 39 hours is allocated to the program. Viewers will enjoy expert analysis and breaking news worldwide, particularly politics and tapped news reports.

The show’s wide coverage has attracted huge viewers. It currently airs for two hours instead of seven hours as originally planned.

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The best way to watch TV is through cable. Spectrum TV makes it even better because it features interesting programs that allow you to experience television in a way you have never experienced before. Their lineup of channels includes CNN, which offers content tailored to meet the needs of any audience.

Now that Spectrum has introduced its new voice-activated remote, it is easier than ever to watch your favourite CNN program. Spectrum is the ideal TV provider; contact them today to get started.


Can I get CNN on Spectrum TV?

You can add CNN to your list by calling 1-844-481-5997 if you need help finding it in the channels list. Spectrum has CNN in the channel lineup.

What is the CNN channel?

Since 1980, the channel has been broadcasting breaking news across the globe 24 hours a day. They were the very first to begin airing news 24 hours a day in the United States. They have become synonymous with breaking news about any live trending event.

What Channel is CNN on Spectrum?

Spectrum TV includes CNN on all tiers. Call 1-844-481-5997 for more information.

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