What Channel Is CNN On Xfinity?

CNN, a pioneering all-news network, launched in the 1980s and remains the most-watched news channel, with around 400 million viewers globally. On the other hand, Xfinity, a telecommunications giant since 1981, offers various services, including cable TV. For those wondering, “What Channel Is CNN On Xfinity?” it’s channel number 111. This ensures viewers can access CNN’s top shows like “The Situation Room” and “Anderson Cooper 360°” through Xfinity’s platform.

About CNN

Cable News Network, also known as CNN, launched in the 1980s as the first all-news network in America. With approximately 400 million viewers worldwide, it is still the most popular news channel. The first news channel to provide 24-hour coverage of important events of the day, whether domestic or international, was CNN, which introduced 24-hour news coverage in the 1980s.

Xfinity Overview

As a telecommunications television provider, Xfinity offers cable, Internet, telephone, and wireless services. This brand was launched in 1981. Additionally, you can access various channels and programs with the Xfinity Channel service. The subsidiary companies of this service include Comcast Business, Effectv, Comcast Wholesale, Xumo, and Xfinity Mobile.

It is Xfinity’s best Internet service for subscribers. Even in urban areas, you can access your TV, phone, and home security through Xfinity’s internet service. The service reaches the highest peak times when compared to the other services. Furthermore, Xfinity and Comcast operate under the same platform. Most importantly, Xfinity is the featured version of Comcast. For instance, Comcast Internet is known as Xfinity Internet, and Comcast TV is known as Xfinity.

What Channel Is CNN On Xfinity
What Channel Is CNN On Xfinity

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What Channel is CNN on Xfinity?

You will also get much more exciting and interesting News and Talk shows on CNN Channel as CNN is the News Channel. The channel number is the main reason to stream the channel directly on the provider. Check out the channel code for CNN to stream on Xinfity.

You can watch CNN streaming on Xinfinity. The channel number is 111.

You can watch Xfinity News Updates without any doubt using this channel number. All regions have the same code to stream this content.

Xfinity Channel guide

Location Channel Location Channel
Seattle 44, 657 Miami 423
Spokane 44, 657 Fort Lauderdale 423
Tacoma 44, 657 Atlanta 34, 834
Vancouver 44, 744 Memphis 47, 849, 1106
Portland 44, 744 Nashville 13, 1111
Salem 44, 744 Chicago 50, 216
Eugene 44, 744 Indianapolis 66, 1106
Salt Lake City 41, 685, 1111 Fort Wayne 17, 1106
Provo 41, 685 Detroit 40, 213, 1106
Denver 38, 738 Washington 817
Colorado Springs 36, 736, 1111 Baltimore 817
Boulder 38, 738, 1111 Philadelphia 27, 817
Saint Paul 32, 213, 842 Pittsburgh 37, 817
Minneapolis 3, 423, 842 San Jose 56, 759
Albuquerque 33, 229 San Francisco 56, 759
Tallahassee 40, 423 Fresno 20, 759
Jacksonville 35, 423 Sacramento 759
Orlando 40, 423 Oakland 56, 759

How to get Xfinity cable TV service?

By browsing Xfinity cable TV packages, you can subscribe. You can access hundreds of channels via the TV box you own. With Xfinity cable TV, you get around 200 or more television channels, including popular ones such as NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB network, etc. In addition, you can stream live or on-demand programs through the X1 TV box. The CNN channel can even be viewed on-demand with Xfinity X1.

What Channel Is CNN On Xfinity?
What Channel Is CNN On Xfinity?

The Situation Room

In the situation room, Wolf Blitzer anchors. Besides reporting political news, he also analyzes trending news from around the globe. The show has been a huge success since it was introduced in 2005. The show is broadcast from their studio in DC on weekdays from 6 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET. The show’s rich content has attracted a great deal of attention.

Anderson Cooper 360°

There are several different versions of this show on CNN International. The show is often referred to as 360 or AC-360. Anderson Cooper anchors it. 2019, the show was broadcast live from the CNN studio in Hudson Yards and the Washington DC studio. Catch the show live every day, Monday through Friday, and you can rewatch it at midnight at 1:00 a.m. ET. It is always a joy to watch this program, filled with fascinating discussions about politics, the economy, and other topics of interest.

Cuomo Prime Time

You can catch up with Chris Cuomo on CNN International’s new program every weeknight between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. ET. You can catch up on a replay from 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. ET. Originally, the show was held at Time Warner Center in New York, but is currently hosted in Hudson Yards.

However, some editions of the program remain hosted in Washington, DC. Even though this studio has become the permanent home of the program, some editions will continue to be broadcast there. In addition to anchoring the CNN morning program, Chris Cuomo hosts a primetime program with breaking news updates. He does this alongside some prominent guests.

CNN Newsroom

The Newsroom, sometimes called the Newsroom, focuses on news in the United States. It airs for about 43 hours per week. The show premiered on September 4, 2006, joining CNN Saturdays, CNN Live Todays, CNN Saturday Nights, CNN Sunday Nights, and CNN Sundays. In addition to the recorded news report, the program features live programs from seasoned experts. Compared to more critical news, a higher percentage of the program focuses on softer news. The program is in the right place compared to other rolling news channels. All the programs originate from the Atlanta headquarters.

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In conclusion, CNN is a monumental news network, offering 24-hour coverage since the 1980s, and can be accessed through Xfinity, a comprehensive service provider since 1981. For those inquiring, “What Channel Is CNN on Xfinity?”, it’s conveniently located on channel number 111, ensuring seamless access to CNN’s top-rated shows and comprehensive news coverage.


Can I watch CNN on Xfinity?

It is possible to watch CNN on channel 111.

How do I add CNN to Xfinity?

Navigate to the Xfinity channel store or guide, search for “CNN,” and follow the on-screen instructions to add or subscribe.

What channel is USA on Xfinity?

The channel number for USA Network varies by region. Check your local Xfinity channel guide or their website for specific channel listings.

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