What Channel is Discovery on DIRECTV?

For those using DIRECTV, a top-rated entertainment service with nearly 13 million subscribers, the frequently asked question is, “What Channel is Discovery On DirecTV?” The answer is channel 278, available nationwide. Additionally, DIRECTV offers Discovery on Demand and a plethora of other Discovery-related channels, enhancing the viewing experience for its users.

Discovery Channel, a prominent subsidiary of Discovery Inc., has been a leading figure in natural history television since its inception in 1985. As the 3rd most widely distributed subscriber channel in the U.S., it reaches approximately 88 million households. Animal Planet, HGTV, and the Oprah Winfrey Network are among its many sister channels. 

About Discovery Channel

As a subsidiary of Discovery Inc., a publicly traded company led by CEO David Zaslav, Discovery Channel is part of the Discovery Inc. umbrella. Since its introduction in 1985, the channel has dominated the natural history field with entertaining television that also serves as educational, informative, and entertaining programming.

There are a lot of sister channels on the network, including Animal Planet, Discovery Family, Cooking Channel, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel and Oprah Winfrey Network.

As the 3rd most widely distributed subscriber channel, after TBS and The Weather Channel, the channel is available to approximately 88 million American households.

What Channel is Discovery On DirecTV?

On many fronts, DIRECTV ranks among the top entertainment services; the TV service has the most subscribers, with just under 13 million, offers a wide range of channels, and has consistently scored above cable TV for customer satisfaction for the last two decades. Discovery channel is included with every DIRECTV plan, so you can always watch it.

What Channel is Discovery on DIRECTV?
What Channel is Discovery on DIRECTV?

It doesn’t stop there. You will also be able to access a variety of service perks that will transform your television experience into an ultra-modern experience. It is almost always possible to catch a DIRECTV satellite signal with the DIRECTV app to watch TV on the go without extra charges.

As a result of the Genie HD DVR, you will have access to high-end equipment from DIRECTV to customize your TV regime to fit your schedule. DIRECTV split its service into two types not too long ago to reach a wider audience. With DIRECTV Via Internet and DIRECTV Via Satellite, you can enjoy the provider’s premium programming regardless of your internet connection speed.

The Discovery channel is still available on DIRECTV and DIRECTV On Demand, which offers service types and a full range of DIRECTV quality entertainment. This makes subscribing all the more worthwhile for Discovery channel subscribers! We’ll take a look at Discovery’s channel numbers, as well as some of its sister channels, on DIRECTV.

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Directv Discovery Channel List By City

On DirecTV, you can watch Discovery Channel by tuning to channel 278.

No matter where you live in America, that will work.

Discovery Channel DTV

Little Rock278Detroit278
Yuma278St. Louis278
Los Angeles278Charlotte278
San Francisco278Omaha278
San Diego278Las Vegas278
Fresno278New York278
Colorado Springs278Oklahoma City278
Washington DC278Philadelphia278
Fort Worth278Memphis278
Miami278El Paso278
Honolulu278San Antonio278
Kansas City278Norfolk278
New Orleans278Boston278
What Channel is Discovery On DirecTV?

All The DirecTV Channels

A Discovery Channel subscription can be broken down into three categories: the main Discovery Channel, the family channels, and the Spanish-language channels. Directv subscribers can watch the Discovery Channel on Channel 278.

Discovery on Demand can also be accessed through channel 1278 if you subscribe to Discovery Plus through your TV account. On the other hand, Discover Family will be available through channels 294 and 436.

Spanish content is available on Discovery Familia channel 436, while Discovery Family is available on Discovery Family channel 294. For Spanish speakers, Discovery channels are 413 and 436. 413 is the Discovery Channel, and 436 is the Discovery Family Channel. On channel 261, you can also watch Discovery Life.

You can find all the channels below.

Discovery Life: 261
Discovery Channel: 278
Discovery Family: 294
Discovery Espanol: 413
Discovery Familia: 436
Discovery On Demand: 1278

What Channel is Discovery on DIRECTV?
What Channel is Discovery on DIRECTV?

Shows On The Discovery Channel

Directv customers will love Discovery Channel 278 since it has many great shows. Naked and Afraid, Deadliest Catch, Expedition X, and The Deadliest Catch are among Discovery’s most popular shows. Discovery is unique among cable networks because it makes and airs many of its shows.

Most cable networks now show syndicated shows and reruns while streaming the best content. There are so many shows and programs that you need help finding the one you want to watch. Discovery Network hosts marathons of their shows to make it easier.

Most of the time, Discovery Network will marathon a single series. For instance, recently, they have marathoned Dirty Jobs, Fast N’ Loud, and gold-related shows. There is no specific day or time for these shows, so if you want to watch more of those shows that day, you have to find out what’s on.

If you want to watch particular shows, you’ll have better luck with Discovery on Demand, available on 1278, or with Discovery Plus, their premium service.

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In conclusion, Discovery Channel has firmly established itself as a leader in the realm of natural history television since its inception in 1985. For those who have chosen DIRECTV as their entertainment service, the question “What Channel is Discovery On DirecTV?” finds its answer in channel 278. 

This ensures that the channel’s captivating shows, from “Naked and Afraid” to “Deadliest Catch,” are readily accessible to its vast viewership, further solidifying its position in the television industry.


Does DirecTV have a Discovery channel?

Every DIRECTV package comes with a wide range of channels, including Discovery.

How much is Discovery channel on DirecTV?

Discover channel is included in all DIRECTV packages, including ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICETM, ULTIMATETM and PREMIERTM, at no extra charge.

How do I watch the Discovery channel?

The Discovery channel is available on most satellite and cable services and on fuboTV, Philo, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu Live TV.

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