What Channel is ESPN on Dish Network?

The ESPN channel is available on Dish TV right now, but do you know What Channel is ESPN on Dish TV? Does your package include it? What shows can you watch here that you enjoy? If you still need to, we have compiled a post with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

It’s not surprising that ESPN is one of the most popular sports channels around today. However, before watching sports programs on ESPN, you need to know what channel number it is, how to connect to it, and how to use it.

About ESPN

The ESPN channel is one of the most popular American Basic Cable TV channels owned by ESPN Inc., Hearst Communications, and the Walt Disney Company.

You can watch some of the best TV shows on the channel since it was established in 1979 for sports fans. In addition to basketball, ESPN channels air nearly a dozen sports events from more than 20 conferences, including leagues like Serie A, Bundesliga, and FACup. There are also hundreds of NHL games, college games, and UFC events you can watch.

ESPN on Dish Network

ESPN and its sister channels, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN News, and others, are available on Dish Network. You may be wondering whether ESPN is available on Dish Network; ESPN provides a lot of sports programming for sports fans.

What Channel is ESPN on Dish Network?
What Channel is ESPN on Dish Network?

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What channel is ESPN on Dish Network?

After you learn that Dish Network carries the ESPN channel, is there a channel number where you can tune into it? Before answering that, it’s important to note that channel numbers differ from person to person.

Name of ChannelChannel Number
ESPN 2143
ESPN news142
ESPN Deportes854
ESPN Alternate144
What channel is ESPN on Dish Network?

ESPN Sister Stations on DISH Network

A wide variety of major sports events are aired on ABC on ESPN or ESPN, except for longer events or qualifying matches. ESPN 2 serves as an overflow channel for ESPN News.

There is a slate of ESPN content and simulcasts on ESPN News. Keyshawn, JWill, and Max were popular morning talk shows on it. However, like all ESPN sister stations, it has gone through changes. As an alternative, ESPNU’s content isn’t as stale as ESPN2 and ESPNews. They focus on college sports and have rights to several conferences nationwide.

A college sports fan will surely appreciate EPSNU, which airs on channel 141 on DISH Network. It’s a spin-off station that broadcasts various long-running shows, including SportscenterU, which covers college sports. Seasonally, many activities are covered, including hockey, basketball, cheerleading, and select high school activities.

In addition to the college channels, the ACC and SEC Networks are also included in the base DISH Network package. Each covers their respective conferences and is not included in the base DISH Network package. Since the Longhorns are moving to the SEC in 2024, the Longhorn network should be absorbed by the SEC Network.

ESPN2 / ESPN News On Dish

For those who need two broadcast channels, ESPN2 Channel 145 exists for Dish Network subscribers to watch. ESPN News Channel 142 also features ESPN2 Channel 143.

In the meantime, it will likely be filled with infomercials. If you’d like ESPN 3, tune in to Channel 142. ESPN 3 began as ESPN News, but was rebranded to ESPN 3.

For Dish customers, here is a list of the channels where you can watch ESPN and its various sub-brands and channels. ESPN Ocho, while appearing in the Dodgeball movie, only exists in the movie.

Among America’s leading cable sports channels, ESPN offers a wide range of sports programming. Here are the top-rated shows on ESPN networks. Among Nielsen’s top five most important sports channels in the United States, the company has a 30% share of sports television viewership.

What Channel is ESPN on Dish Network?
What Channel is ESPN on Dish Network?


There is no doubt that ESPN’s SportsCenter is the most popular sports-related TV program ever. Besides covering sports news and events, SportsCenter also features current pop culture discussions. You can watch it on both ESPN and ESPN2.

Baseball Tonight

Highlights and discussions of baseball games from both the major and minor leagues are offered in this show. There are several ESPN channels on which you can watch Baseball Tonight, including ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNews. It is one of the largest shows on ESPN and is particularly popular with baseball fans all over America.


There are live interviews with notable athletes such as Charles Woodson and Richard Sherman on SportsNation, a talk show about sports and particularly NFL news.

Monday Night Football

On ESPN, there is a program called Monday Night Football that showcases and discusses highlights of the National Football League games during the regular season.

Outside the Lines

The show covers breaking sports news and controversies, as well as social issues that are connected to sports. It airs mostly on ESPN2.

NFL Insiders

The NFL Insiders program airs mostly on ESPN2 and features live interviews with noted sports stars like Bill Polian and Rich Eisen. It also discusses the latest developments in football.

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In conclusion, ESPN is available on Dish Network, but the specific channel number may vary. Dish Network offers a range of ESPN channels, including ESPN2, ESPNU, and ESPN News, among others. You can enjoy popular sports shows like SportsCenter, Baseball Tonight, SportsNation, Monday Night Football, and more on these channels. What Channel is ESPN on Dish Network? It’s recommended to check with your local provider, as channel numbers may differ from person to person.


How do you get ESPN on Dish Network?

ESPN is available via various channels, but if you subscribe to Dish Network, watch it on channels 140, 144, or 145.

Is ESPN Free on Dish?

Using Dish Network does not require paying for a streaming service if you subscribe to any of their packages, including the top ones.

What channel is ESPN 2 on Dish?

On Dish Network, ESPN 2 is available along with a few other sister channels, which you can access on channel 143.

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