What Channel is Fox News on DirecTV?

DirecTV offers a plethora of channels, including the popular Fox News. Finding Fox News can be challenging for those navigating the vast channel list. This article provides a comprehensive guide on what channel is Fox News on DirecTV, along with details about other Fox channels and DirecTV packages.

Does DirecTV Provide Fox News?

It is only through DirecTV that you can get access to hundreds of trending channels, including Fox News. Millions of consumers have opted for DirecTV because the cable provider offers virtually every channel. The company offers Fox News as one of its three packages since it is one of the top news channels in the country. 

What Channel is FOX on DIRECTV?

There are hundreds of channels on DIRECTV, so finding FOX can be like finding a needle in a haystack. You can become frustrated when you have to switch through so many channels that come with your DIRECTV package to find the one you are looking for. When you spend a lot of time flipping through channels, it’s even worse when you don’t get to watch your favourite shows.

Now it’s different!

Our mission today is to make your DIRECTV channel hunt easier than ABC, so you are in the right place.

You can find out what channel is FOX on DIRECTV in a matter of seconds. Find out what channel is FOX on DIRECTV and start watching your favourite TV shows right away!

What Channel is Fox News on DirecTV
What Channel is Fox News on DirecTV
City FOX Channel Number on DIRECTV
New York City, NY5
Chicago, IL32
Los Angeles, CA11
Houston, TX26
Phoenix, AZ10
Philadelphia, PA29
San Antonio, TX29
San Diego, CA69
Dallas, TX4
San Jose, CA2
Austin, TX7
Fort Worth, TX4
San Francisco, CA2
Columbus, OH28
Charlotte, NC46
Seattle, WA13
Washington, DC5
Boston, MA25
Nashville, TN17
Detroit, MI2
Oklahoma City, OK25
Memphis, TN13
Louisville, KY41
Baltimore, MD45
Milwaukee, WI6
Albuquerque, NM16
Tucson, AZ11
Fresno, CA26
Sacramento, CA40
Mesa, AZ10
Atlanta, GA5
Kansas City, MO4
Colorado Springs, CO21
Miami, FL7
Oakland, CA2
Minneapolis, MN9
Arlington, TX4
Tampa, FL13
New Orleans, LA8

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Fox Business Network on DIRECTV

The Fox News Media Division of Fox Corporation owns Fox Business Network, a pay TV channel that belongs to the FOX network family. With a pay TV subscription, the network covers business and finance news as its primary focus. About 75 million U.S. households receive Fox Business Network.

There is a Fox Business channel on DIRECTV, just like Fox Network. The channel number is 359-no, no matter which package you have, i.e. ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICETM, ULTIMATE or PREMIERTM.

Fox News Channel on DIRECTV

More than 87 million pay-tv subscribers nationwide receive Fox News from Fox News Media, an American multinational cable news network. It is operated by Fox News Media and owned by Fox Corporation. DIRECTV subscribers can watch Fox News with all TV plans, including Entertainment, ChoiceTM, ULTIMATETM and PREMIERTM. On Fox News Channel on DIRECTV, you can catch up on the latest from around the country on channel 360.

DirecTV Plans That Offer Fox News

In the U.S., DIRECTV is the most popular satellite TV service and offers various entertainment options. In picture-perfect quality – the industry’s best picture format – DIRECTV packages provide the best TV content in the U.S. through Satellite and the Internet. As a result of the 99% signal reliability across the country – essentially anywhere you can see the southern sky – if you subscribe to the satellite service.

In addition to 150 channels, the fun-packed DIRECTV packages are enhanced by 190+ bonus channels via Satellite (on the top tier package). A lineup filled with premium entertainment, DIRECTV packages make your entertainment regimen much more fun. Aside from watching live TV in 4K and thousands of on-demand titles, you’ll get 200 hours of recordings with the GENIE HD DVR for no additional charge. In addition to the current offers, you’ll receive a free Gemini device when you sign up.

Choose one of the four standardized DIRECTV packages to fulfill your digital needs, and you’ll get the best in-home entertainment you’ve ever seen!

DIRECTV Package What You Get Does it Include FOX?

ENTERTAINMENT: 75+ (90+ Bonus channels with via Satellite)

For 3 months, you will have free access to premium networks such as Cinemax®, MGM+, MAX, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ®

CHOICE™: 105+ (95+ Bonus channels with via Satellite)

Get 3 months of FREE access to premium channels like Cinemax, MGM+, MAX, SHOWTIME, and STARZ

ULTIMATE: 140+ (130+ Bonus channels with via Satellite)

During the next 3 months, you will have free access to premium networks such as Cinemax, MGM+, MAX, SHOWTIME, and STARZ

PREMIER™: 150+ (190+ Bonus channels with via Satellite)

Free subscription to MGM+ for 3 months, plus unlimited access to Cinemax, MAX, SHOWTIME, and STARZ

What Channel is Fox News on DirecTV
What Channel is Fox News on DirecTV

For those interested in current affairs from a conservative perspective, Fox News offers a wide range of engaging and diverse programming spanning news, politics, commentary, and entertainment. Start by viewing the following shows if you’d like to see the most popular and longest-running ones on the network:

Tucker Carlson Tonight: An opinionated discussion of prominent political issues of the day is featured on Tucker Carlson Tonight, hosted by political commentator Tucker Carlson.

Hannity: Sean Hannity’s nightly show features news stories, hot topics, and in-depth interviews with political leaders and media personalities from a right-leaning perspective.

Fox & Friends: It starts viewers’ days with conservative-leaning news, interviews, and opinionated segments covering what’s happening in the nation and worldwide.

The Ingraham Angle: Laura Ingraham hosts The Ingraham Angle, an outspoken political talk show emphasizing social and cultural issues.

Justice With Judge Jeanine: On Saturday’s show, Jeanine Pirro hosts Justice With Judge Jeanine, discussing the week’s legal and political events.

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With DirecTV, there are several benefits you can take advantage of. You don’t need to worry about being unable to watch Fox News when it is aired.

Additionally, the company offers recorded shows to its users. You can access these shows by visiting their website, entering your credentials, and viewing the latest episodes. 


What Channel is Fox News on DIRECTV?

You can watch Fox News on DIRECTV by tuning into channel 360.

What Channel Is Fox HD On DirecTV?

On DirecTV, channel 10 plays FOX HD LOCAL. No matter where you are or what package you have, the channel number remains the same. You can also view DirecTV’s official channel lineup guide page for a list of channels and their numbers.

What channel is FOX on DIRECTV in Texas?

FOX is available on the following channels on DIRECTV in Texas:
Houston, Texas – 26
San Antonio, Texas – 29
Dallas, Texas – 4
Austin, Texas – 7
Fort Worth, Texas – 4
Arlington, Texas – 4

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