What Channel is GAC on Xfinity?

For Xfinity subscribers, “What channel is GAC on Xfinity?” is answered with channel 1620 on the Xfinity X1 box. Additionally, GAC Family can be accessed on mobile devices through the Xfinity Stream app, ensuring entertainment.

Its high-quality 1080 HDTV broadcasts have been a cornerstone for family bonding since its inception. This Christmas, the channel is set to premiere shows like “My Boss’ Wedding” and specials like “Welcome to Great American Christmas.” 

About GAC Family

In addition to providing family-oriented movies, shows, and special shows, GAC Family has brought the family closer with its 1080 HDTV video quality. This channel has been banding the family together since its inception. Each GAC Family program is based on a Holiday, Season, or Occasion, emphasizing relationships and emotions.

GAC Family will start this Christmas with My Boss’ Wedding and other specials like Welcome to Great American Christmas and the K-9 Hero Awards. Bewitched, This Little Love of Mine, Full House, and more are some shows telecasted on GAC Family.

You can find GAC Family on your television with most streaming services and TV providers. If you want Xfinity, continue reading to learn more about the GAC Family.

What Channel is GAC on Xfinity?

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What Channel is GAC on Xfinity?

A subscription to the Extra, Preferred, or Premium plans on Xfinity TV will grant you access to the GAC Family. Once you subscribe, you will receive an Xfinity X1 box, which can be connected to your Smart TV, turning it into an Xfinity TV. All left is to find the GAC Family Channel number on Xfinity X1. To access the GAC Family, use the X1 remote to enter channel 1620.

XfinityGAC Family1620
What Channel is GAC on Xfinity?
What Channel is GAC on Xfinity?

Additionally, you can watch GAC Family on your smartphone and tablet using the Xfinity Stream app. This allows you to take the GAC Family channel anywhere and watch it whenever you like.

Top TV shows on GAC Family

GAC Family has many interesting TV shows to watch with your family. These are some of the best.

Top TV shows on GAC Family

When Hope Calls

As the title suggests, the story revolves around Hope Baxter, a woman whose life has been dominated by devastating experiences that she struggles to cope with. This show will entertain you with its fantastic storyline, engaging characters, and relatable plot as she learns how to overcome her adversities and deal with situations that would otherwise ruin her.

Full House

It is an American sitcom based on a man’s life, Danny Tanner, and his family. Danny struggles to raise three young children alone after the passing of his wife. As a result, he was forced to move in with his parents. The series focuses on how the family comes together even when times are tough to help the children adjust to their new living arrangements.


An interesting sitcom, Bewitched, is about a witch marrying a mortal man in a fantasy story. With the help of her family, she tries to maintain her normal lifestyle and interferes with mortals’ lives to achieve her goals. When you watch this show, you feel like you’re in a world out of a fairytale.

Who’s the Boss

Samantha married a rich man as a young girl as part of an arranged marriage. Samantha’s personal and professional lives are illustrated in this sitcom based on the popular 90’s sitcom.

The Facts of Life

An adolescent girl named Blair comes from a rich family in this comedy. With its funny storylines and relatable scenarios, this show will entertain you. She attends an all-girls boarding school and learns valuable lessons from her housemother, Miss Edna, and the other girls.


There is also a family-oriented theme to this sitcom. It follows the lives of Hazel and Brandon. Although Hazel is an exceptional mother, she finds it difficult to inspire her son to follow in her footsteps. In addition to working mothers and families that work together as a team, this show also examines their struggles.

GAC Network On Xfinity

GAC was accessible in several cities based on zip code or state when we studied Xfinity channels.

For example, Fort Wayne uses Channel 37, while Indianapolis in Indiana uses Channel 49. For convenience, see the list below:

  • Tucson: Channel 70
  • Atlanta: Channel 170
  • Savannah: Channels 35 and 1620
  • Albuquerque: Channels 76 and 146
  • Pittsburgh: Channel 167.

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GAC Family is a premier channel that delivers family-centric content, from movies to special shows that resonate with emotions and relationships. With programs tailored for every holiday and season, it has become a staple for families seeking quality entertainment. For those using Xfinity, the frequent query of “What channel is GAC on Xfinity?” finds its answer with channel 1620 on the Xfinity X1 box. 

Moreover, the flexibility of the Xfinity Stream app allows viewers to enjoy GAC Family on the go. Whether you’re in Tucson, Atlanta, or Pittsburgh, Xfinity ensures that the GAC Family is within your reach, fostering family bonding moments.


Can I watch GAC on Xfinity?

Yes, you can watch GAC on Xfinity. It’s available on channel 1620 on the Xfinity X1 box.

What is the GAC channel called now?

The GAC channel is now called “GAC Family.”

How do I find the GAC channel?

To find the GAC channel, subscribe to Xfinity and use the X1 remote to enter channel 1620. Alternatively, check your local channel listings or use the Xfinity Stream app.

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