What Channel is Hallmark on DirecTV? Ultimate Guide 2023

Looking for your favorite Hallmark shows on DirecTV? If you’re asking, “What channel is Hallmark on DirecTV,” we’ve got the answer! Let’s make it easy and find out where you can enjoy all the lovely movies and series Hallmark has.

Hallmark is one of DirecTV’s top search channels because it is the first thing viewers look forward to watching on the service. The channel has great programming, original television shows, classic shows, and movies ranging from thrillers to holiday movies, romantic comedies, family dramas, and action.

A Hallmark Channel subscription on DirecTV puts you in control of what you watch. Hallmark allows you to choose what you watch.

What Channel is Hallmark on DirecTV?

A Crown Media Holdings subsidiary launched Hallmark in 1988. At first, it was a US-only channel, but now its new look has earned international viewers. Hallmark Channel is a premium channel with exclusive content that separates it from its competitors. DirecTV knows this.

What channel is Hallmark Channel on DirecTV? Different DirecTV packages include a variety of channels. There is a long channel list, and finding a hallmark would be challenging. If you know the channel number, you can save time flipping the list. The Hallmark Channel on DirecTV is channel 312.

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The Best Shows and Movies to Watch on Hallmark

You can watch various programs on Hallmark, whether family shows, original movies, Rom-Coms, specials, or even original series.

The Best Shows and Movies to Watch on Hallmark

Here are a few Hallmark channel shows and movies that are trending.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

An intriguing storyline differentiates this series from other dramas. The series centers around four postal workers. This television series was a ratings success when it initially aired on Hallmark. It follows a group of individuals who track down undelivered mail and fight crimes to bring change to people’s lives.

A Country Wedding

It’s about a country music singer about to marry a famous actress and is a romantic drama you’ll love to watch. It premiered in 2015 and was a favorite of Hallmark viewers. To sell his old family house, he visits his hometown in Texas. While there, he meets Sarah, a childhood friend.

Two Turtle Doves

An ultimate Christmas show, Two Turtle Doves is about a young woman searching in a small town for her beloved family heirloom. When she finds true love, the unexpected happens. When Sharon Hayes meets a young man and his daughter, there’s an instant love.

The Convenient Groom

This interesting film begins with a young celebrity marriage counselor abandoned at the altar. The wedding is highly publicized, so she accepts an offer from her contractor, who has a secret crush on her. As the groom, he steps in, and the wedding goes on.


A man with a heart of gold, Mike McBride, takes all cases on the merit of the case, not based on how much money he will make. He has two sidekicks who help with research and investigations in the case.

Christmas Cookie Countdown

The most anticipated holiday of the year is Christmas. We might watch a few movies since it is getting close to Christmas. This is a cooking competition consisting of five episodes. Each episode sees home chefs competing against one another and being judged by famous pastry chefs. Every new episode brings on celebrities.

How to Get Hallmark Channel on DirecTV?

DirecTV now offers Hallmark on its channel, which is good news for Hallmark viewers.

It is part of the package, so you won’t have to pay extra. Apart from the regular channel, you can also watch the sister channels Hallmark Movies and Mysteries and Hallmark Drama on channels 565 and 564.

Hallmark Packages on DIRECTV STREAM

DirecTV offers several plans for the Hallmark Channel.

DIRECTV STREAM Entertainment: $74.99 per month for 75+ channels;
DIRECTV STREAM Choice: $99.99 per month for 105+ channels;
DIRECTV STREAM Ultimate: $109.99 per month for 140+ channels;
DIRECTV STREAM Premier: $154.99per month for 150+ channels;
DIRECTV STREAM ÓPTIMO MÁS: $74.99 per month for 100+ channels—55+ en Español, 40+ in English

How to Watch Videos from Hallmark Offline?

Poor internet can ruin your streaming experience. Downloading the content you want to watch later is a simple remedy to ensure you get your favorite Hallmark movie. However, hallmark content cannot be downloaded. However, you can get it through a third-party downloader if you want to download it. The ultimate solution to having an uninterrupted movie night is oneStreamGaGa Video Downloader. Getting a user-friendly application is just a few steps away.

Steps for Downloading Hallmark Videos

  • On StreamGaGa’s official website, you will find a download link for the app.
  • Once the app is launched, open the home page of Hallmark’s official website, click on the video you’d like to view and select it.
  • A new window will appear after the application checks the video. 
  • You can select the audio and subtitle options and click on Download Now. 
  • Downloading will begin so you can enjoy the content at your convenience.

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The Hallmark Channel, renowned for its diverse programming, including original shows, movies, and special content, holds a special place in the hearts of DirecTV subscribers. Its compelling narratives in various genres ensure there’s something for everyone. DirecTV acknowledges this demand by offering Hallmark and its sister channels, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries and Hallmark Drama, on channels 565 and 564, respectively. Thus, for those pondering, “What Channel is Hallmark on DirecTV?” – it’s readily available as part of several subscription packages, ensuring fans can immerse themselves in the heartwarming, thrilling, and entertaining world that Hallmark consistently delivers.


What are the 2 Hallmark channels on DirecTV?

DirecTV makes sure its customers get the very best entertainment. Therefore, it offers the Hallmark sister channels. There are two Hallmark channels on DirecTV.

You can watch Hallmark Movies and Mysteries on DirecTV channel 565 and Hallmark Drama on DirecTV channel 564. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel on DirecTV channel 565.

What is the difference between the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark movies now?

There are two types of Hallmark streaming services: Hallmark Channel, which provides free content, and Hallmark Movies, which offers subscription video services.

How much is the Hallmark channel on DirecTV?

Each DirecTV package includes a different amount of money.

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