What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV?

This guide will help you find what channel is HGTV on DirecTV in 2023, along with some show recommendations. DirecTV and HGTV are very well paired. With new DirecTV packages coming out, people wonder if the channel will be available.

HGTV, a beloved American television channel focusing on home improvement and real estate, offers diverse, engaging content for DIY enthusiasts. Owned by Discovery, Inc., it’s a top destination for thrifty individuals seeking inspiration for renovations and house flipping. For DirecTV viewers, accessing HGTV is a breeze, as it’s available across their lineups, offering a wealth of popular shows and informative programming.

About HGTV

This American television channel broadcasts primarily reality programs about home improvement and real estate. Discovery, Inc. owns it. The network reaches 95,628,000 American households each month. HGTV surpassed CNN in 2016 as the third-most watched cable channel in the United States, behind Fox News and ESPN.

For who is it? The current programming of HGTV focuses on thrifty and entrepreneurial individuals as well as DIYers who are interested in learning new skills, such as home-buying, renovations, and reality shows following house flipping. A minimum of 400 million dollars is invested in original programming each year by HGTV.

In our opinion, HGTV is one of the best channels because it has information about cooking, renovating homes, and flipping houses, as well as how-to guides. HGTV is a great channel for anyone who wants new recipe ideas, home improvement ideas, or even starting a new career.

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What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV?
What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV?

What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV?

An American cable channel dedicated to home renovations, highlighting varied cultures through house architecture, and showcasing real estate opportunities in your neighbourhood, HGTV is a popular channel for home improvement. If you want to change your home, this book is a must-read.

There has been an increased interest in making small and big improvements to your house through this trend, including adding gardens, walkways, and other elements that enhance its overall aesthetics.

Besides converting houses or apartments into picturesque homes you see in movies and television shows, entrepreneurs have a share of the pie in programming related to buying and selling houses. As well as cooking ideas, HGTV Channel covers DIYs that will assist with managing household chores independently.

Channel NameChannel Number
HGTV 229
What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV?

How to Get HGTV on DirecTV?

Here are some things DirecTV has to offer you and your family before we talk about the HGTV channel number. A well-known satellite TV provider, DirecTV offers incredible plans with fantastic channel lineups that include local channels, the hottest international channels, and premium channels. In addition to movies, dramas, and sports, DirecTV broadcasts a wide range of entertainment content to its subscribers. DirecTV carries HGTV across all of its lineups. In addition to the many crowd-pleasing channels that keep viewers hooked, it also offers:

  • Stream your favourite games live with NFL Sunday Ticket
  • An HBO® premium subscription of one year along with 3 months of Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® – free of charge
  • 4K HDR programming and 50,000 titles on demand
  • 200 hours of DVR storage in an advanced DVR facility
  • A DirecTV app that allows you to watch TV on the go

If you bundle DirecTV’s entertaining plans with AT&T, you’ll have exemplary TV service! With one plan, you could take advantage of high-speed internet, digital phone service, and satellite television programming simultaneously. HGTV is available in DirecTV’s lineups, so get in touch and take advantage of such cost-effective deals. Here are DirecTV plans and their availability.

What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV?
What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV?

Bargain Mansions

In this episode, Tamara Day takes you with her as she restores a massive space. With her unconventional approach to decorating, she takes on challenges that few would dare and goes beyond what’s expected of her.

We’ll present you with innovative and effective ideas for renovating your home, and watching these once-loved spaces be transformed into something new will be awe-inspiring.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt

Beachfront Bargain Hunt makes beachfront living dreams a reality and on a budget for many families. Watch families transform their beachfront dream houses into their beachfront dreams.

These two go on a house hunt with a local realtor and discover some surprisingly affordable beachfront and sandy locales, making this the perfect guide for anyone hoping to own their own beach home.

Table Wars

What changes have you noticed in your regular dining room table over the years? Learn how you can take your home to the next level by improving it with simple-to-follow knowledge to take it to the next level by discovering the old, new and modern that most people would not expect from American dining room sets.

Love It or List It

Using affordable renovation experts Hilary Farr and David Visentin, you will learn how to spruce up American homes on a budget without skills or money. You will be inspired to take on your next home improvement project.

Besides renovating the homes, Hilary and David find properties that fit the homeowner’s wishes and address the unsightly items that can be reused and repurposed.

At the episode’s end, the homeowner decides whether their improved property will be kept or upgraded.

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HGTV shows can also be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Vudu, and Microsoft movies if you have yet to watch them live. DirecTV also offers Internet service from AT&T along with its TV service.

Netflix also carries similar programs like HGTV, including street food and home cooking shows, as well as property and home renovation programs.


What type of channel is HGTV?

With HGTV programming, you’ll find amazing ideas about house renovations, rural and urban real estate, cooking, DIYs for your house, and reality shows about homes and architecture.

Is HGTV on DirecTV now?

Direct Tv now covers HGTV. A lot of DirecTV’s consumers will appreciate this because HGTV is also one of the most popular channels on DirecTV. It is also nice to hear that HGTV is included in all of its packages. If you love HGTV, it won’t be on DirecTV anymore.

Where can I watch HGTV for free?

You can watch HGTV live by downloading the HGTV GO app or by visiting their official website, provided your subscription is active.

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