What Channel is NBA TV on Xfinity?

In this article, you can find out What channel is NBA TV on Xfinity. NBA TV is among the number of television networks that have recently been launched. The channel was launched in March 1999 as a sports-oriented television network. Turner Sports operates the channel, which the NBA owns.

As its name implies, NBA TV is entirely dedicated to the sport. With this channel, you can watch broadcasts from the NBA and analysis programs, documentaries, and specials related to basketball, including professional basketball leagues, regular seasons and play-offs.

The packages provided by Xfinity

  • As part of its customer service, Xfinity offers a variety of packages and plans, including Xfinity Starter, Xfinity Ultimate, Xfinity Preferred, Xfinity Ultimate HD, Xfinity Elite, and Xfinity Platinum.
  • It offers a variety of packages, including basic, digital, and sports packages. Customers can watch television, access the internet, and connect other devices to their Xfinity TV.
  • There are a few packages that you can select from, but the most popular one is the basic package, which includes the primary cable channels and basic Internet access for $35 per month.

Customers can choose from three pricing plans that are tailored to their needs. They can choose from a variety of packages that are customized to their needs. Prices determine where the customer lives and how many devices are connected there. If a customer has a single device, the Basic package’s price will be the same.

What Channel is NBA TV on Xfinity?
What Channel is NBA TV on Xfinity?

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What Channel is NBA TV on Xfinity?

Xfinity provides access to NBA TV. Alternatively, satellite TV providers are available, as well as live TV streaming services if you live in an area where these services are available.

Xfinity offers customers an excellent option for watching NBA TV, though they must purchase an individual subscription if they subscribe to Xfinity’s Digital Starter or Extra packages.

You can tune in with the NBA TV channel number on Xfinity TV if you are ready for some NBA tournaments. Often, Xfinity TV subscribers need to learn the channel number for NBA TV. Luckily, we can help you find the channel number so you will get all the information.

Seattle416, 630Miami478, 734, 749
Spokane416, 630Fort Lauderdale478, 734, 749
Tacoma416, 630Atlanta293, 482, 882
Vancouver416, 439, 728Memphis221, 478, 1712
Portland416, 439, 728Nashville713, 1218
Salem416, 439, 728Chicago235, 439
Eugene416, 439, 728Indianapolis273, 749, 1712, 1770
Salt Lake City266, 439, 694, 1218Fort Wayne273, 749, 1712, 1770
Provo266, 439, 694Detroit254, 733, 749, 1712
Denver416, 439, 843Washington749, 863
Colorado Springs167, 779, 1218Baltimore749, 863
Boulder416, 439, 843, 1218Philadelphia749, 731, 863
Saint Paul257, 273, 749, 874Pittsburgh287, 1712, 1770
Minneapolis734, 749, 874San Jose416, 439, 727
Albuquerque273, 816San Francisco416, 439, 727
Tallahassee478, 734Fresno416, 439, 727
Jacksonville478, 734Sacramento416, 439, 727
Orlando478, 749Oakland416, 439, 727
What Channel is NBA TV on Xfinity?

CA/FL Xfinity Channels For NBA TV

If you’re an Xfinity customer in California, you can find NBA TV on channels 416, 439, and 727. If you’re a Comcast customer in Florida, you can watch NBA TV on channel 478.

Channel 734 is available in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, and Channel 749 is available in Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. The Heat are on all three channels!

Washington Comcast NBA TV Channel Tutorial

Washington residents can watch NBA TV on Xfinity channels 416 and 630, while Oregonians can watch it on channels 416, 439, or 728. Comcast subscribers can watch NBA TV on channels 266, 439, and 694. Channel 1218 is also available for Salt Lake City residents.

The NBA TV Channel is a big hit in Indiana. There are four NBA TV channels there – 273, 749, 1712, and 1770. We were surprised to discover that there are over 1000 channels on cable in Indiana.

NBA TV Channels For CO/PA/MD

In Baltimore, Philadelphia, or DC, you can watch NBA TV on Comcast Channels 749 and 863. Philadelphia has NBA TV on Channel 731. Although these cities aren’t that close to each other, their channel lineups are generally similar.

There is one difference between Boulder and Denver. Boulder has 416 channels, Denver has 439 channels, and Denver has 834 channels. Colorado Springs has 167 channels, 779 channels, and 1218 channels.

As well as basketball-related news programs, NBA TV features documentaries on particular NBA teams and shows about the lives of individual players.

What Channel is NBA TV on Xfinity?
What Channel is NBA TV on Xfinity?

Let’s take a look at several of the NBA TV programs during the NBA season, which air four days a week.

NBA Gametime Live

With this program, viewers will get the latest NBA news headlines, breaking news, and look-ins into actual NBA games as they happen live. The program airs daily for six days every week with live interviews, breaking news, and look-ins into actual NBA games.

Most of the show’s focus is devoted to results from NBA and WNBA summer league games during the offseason, along with Olympic basketball news, FIBA competitions, and USA basketball news.

NBA Action

Every Thursday night, NBA Action airs on NBA TV with highlights and news from the NBA games. The show first aired on ESPN back in 1990. The show airs on NBA TV with news and highlights of the NBA games each week.

Hardwood Classics

Presented on NBA TV, this show mainly features classic games that have taken place in NBA history. It is a product of NBA Entertainment. Most of the episodes air during the NBA offseason.

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In conclusion, Xfinity offers an array of packages catering to diverse preferences, with NBA TV accessible across multiple channels, ensuring basketball enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite content. 

The engaging lineup of NBA TV shows like NBA Gametime Live, NBA Action, and Hardwood Classics further amplifies the viewing experience. Subscribers can easily locate NBA TV on various Xfinity channels based on location, granting easy access to the exciting world of basketball entertainment.


Does Xfinity have NBA TV?

Yes, Xfinity does provide access to NBA TV as part of its channel offerings.

Which channel shows NBA?

NBA games are aired on various channels, including NBA TV and networks like ESPN, ABC, TNT, and regional sports networks, which are available through Xfinity.

What sports channel does Xfinity have?

Xfinity offers a range of sports channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports, NBC Sports Network, CBS Sports Network, and others, depending on the package subscribed to.

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