What Channel is NBC on Dish Network?

NBC, a prominent broadcasting channel, varies its channel number on Dish Network based on location and package. The answer for those wondering, “What Channel is NBC on Dish Network?” largely depends on the viewer’s location. Typically found between channels 2 and 70, NBC is included in all Dish Network packages. 

About NBC

NBC, the National Broadcasting Company, is one of America’s premier television networks, known for its rich history of broadcasting iconic shows, news, and sports events. Founded in 1926, it’s part of the “Big Three” television networks.

 With its distinctive peacock logo, NBC has introduced audiences to groundbreaking programming, from classic comedies and dramas to influential news programs, solidifying its place in the annals of television history.

What Channel is NBC on Dish Network?
What Channel is NBC on Dish Network?

What Channel is NBC on Dish Network?

Depending on your package, NBC has different channel numbers for its local networks. The NBC channel number is usually between 2 and 70 if you choose a local network.

Dish Network offers a variety of packages depending on your needs and budget. The channels you choose are based on your preferences and lifestyle. NBC is included in all of its packages.

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Dish NBC Channels

Bakersfield17New Orleans8
Los Angeles4Detroit4
Sacramento3Las VegasNot Available
San Diego39New York4
San Francisco11Philadelphia10
Colorado Springs5Memphis5
Washington DC4Austin36
Fort Worth5Brownsville23
Miami6El Paso9
Tampa8, 5152, 8692San Antonio4
What Channel is NBC on Dish Network?

NBC ON Dish In California

The NBC channel in Sacramento is Channel 3; in Los Angeles, it is Channel 4. As the first broadcast channel, NBC usually appears on a lower-numbered channel, but we found a few cases where that was different.

If you want to watch NBC in San Diego:

  1. Watch channel 39.
  2. If you want to watch NBC in Fresno, watch channel 24.
  3. If you want to watch NBC in San Francisco and Bakersfield, go to channel 64.

It’s best to watch NBC Bay Area and KNBC for San Francisco and Los Angeles. NBC Bay Area and KNBC have two unique super affiliate stations.

Florida Dish NBC Channels

On Dish, you can find NBC on channels 2-12, including Channel 2 in Orlando and Channel 12 in Jacksonville. Please look below for our list of channels to watch NBC in Florida.

Jacksonville: 12
Fort Worth: 5
Miami: 6
Tampa: 8, 5152, 8692
Orlando: 2

We found no other market with multiple channels where you could watch NBC and other channels like Tampa.

Tampa’s NBC channel numbers are 8, 5152, and 8692. We never knew there were so many channels. Also, Miami has a superstation called WTVJ with many unique content.

Where To Watch In Texas

NBC is available on only one Dish channel in Texas, and it’s different in every city we checked.

Austin and Brownsville need help finding the right channel. Residents in Brownsville can watch on Channel 23, while Austin residents must watch on Channel 36.

You can find the rest of the channels in Texas on channels 2-9. There are 4 channels in Houston, 4 in San Antonio, 5 in Dallas, and 9 in El Paso. Although most of those channels are close, we wish more channels in Texas were in common.

Other Channels You Can Watch

For Dish subscribers in Tennessee, Channel 5 is the channel to watch NBC. The same channel is also available in Chicago and Colorado Springs, where NBC’s superstation WMAQ offers a better variety of local programming. 

Channel 10 is the right channel number for watching NBC for those in Boston or Philadelphia. The other popular channels for watching Dish are 4, 10, and 11.

NBC is available on Channel 11 in Atlanta and Yuma. One thing we found interesting is that Las Vegas does not have an NBC channel. I guess they are too busy gambling and going to nightclubs.

What Channel is NBC on Dish Network?
What Channel is NBC on Dish Network?

The Office

Mock-documentary TV series that shows the ordinary life of workers in an office, focusing on a paper company, one in which a crew photographs them for documentary purposes. The workers include:

  • The boss, Michael Scott, could be more humorous and bright.
  • An incredibly dedicated salesman, Dwight Shrute.
  • Another salesman, Jim Halpert, is the office cool guy and chief prankster.
  • Despite being engaged, Pam Beesly still has a crush on someone in the office.
  • This office branch’s daily tricks are anything but conventional with these personalities.


Five years have passed since a commercial flight disappeared after surviving a crash. Friends and family mourned the loss of the victims.

Some returned passengers realized they must have been chosen for something greater than they could have imagined. The crew members were given another chance, but their personalities remained a mystery.

Good Girls

Three suburban Michigan mothers are involved in the story. It is a struggle for two sisters to make ends meet. After losing everything, they agreed to rob a supermarket, unaware they would face greater hardships. Although the robbery was successful, the manager recognized one of the women for an entirely different reason.

NBC also offers the following shows 

  • Dateline
  • American Ninja Warrior
  • This is Us
  • Dancing With Myself
  • The Blacklist
  • Chicago P.D.

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In conclusion, the channel viewers can find NBC on Dish Network varies significantly based on location and chosen package. From California to Texas, the channel range typically falls between 2 and 70. With a storied history and a vast array of iconic shows, NBC remains a staple in American television. For those inquiring, “What Channel is NBC on Dish Network?” the answer is multifaceted, underscoring the network’s widespread reach and Dish’s diverse offerings.


Is NBC on Dish Network?

Enjoy watching NBC on your television by choosing the right Dish Network package.

How can I watch NBC for free?

By catching signals from local operators with a television antenna, you can watch NBC for free.
Alternatively, you can watch NBC for free if you own a streaming device that provides the NBC channel.

How do I get local channels on Dish?

With the Flex Pack from Dish Network, you can watch local channels.

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