What Channel is PBS On Dish Network?

For Dish Network viewers, finding “What Channel is PBS on Dish” can be crucial. Depending on your location, this article provides a comprehensive guide to where you can catch your favourite PBS shows, such as “Sanditon,” “Antique Roadshow,” and many more. From Texas to California, this guide details the Dish channel numbers for PBS across various regions, ensuring you get all the enriching content.

About PBS Channel

PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service, is a non-profit American television network known for its educational and cultural programming. It operates without commercial interruptions and offers various shows, including documentaries, children’s programs, news, and more. Its mission is to provide informative content while relying on member station dues, government grants, and underwriting for funding.

What Channel is PBS On Dish Network?

PBS is available on different channels on Dish Network, depending on where you live. You can watch Sanditon and Antique Roadshow on multiple channels, depending on your area.

Since we watched Masterpiece Theatre and Frontline as kids, we made our guide because Dish wasn’t offering a comprehensive one.

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What Channel Is PBS On Dish Network?
What Channel Is PBS On Dish Network?
Phoenix8Atlanta8, 30
Yuma60Chicago11, 56
Bakersfield60New Orleans12
Fresno18Boston2, 11, 44
Los Angeles24, 58Detroit56
Sacramento6Las Vegas10
San Diego15New York13, 21, 58
San Francisco9, 54Philadelphia12, 23, 39
Colorado Springs8Nashville8, 22
Denver12Memphis10, 18
Washington DC32, 53, 56Austin18
Fort Worth13BrownsvilleNA
Jacksonville7, 8Dallas13
Miami2, 17El Paso13, 22
Tampa3, 8696San Antonio4
What Channel is PBS On Dish Network?

PBS On Dish Network In Texas and Florida

If you are a Dish customer in Dallas or El Paso, you can watch on Channel 13 for PBS. It is also available on Channel 22 in El Paso. Those living in Houston and San Antonio can watch PBS on Channel 8 and Channel 9. Brownsville does not have PBS, but Austin residents can watch PBS on Channel 18.

On Dish, there are a variety of channels that provide access to PBS in Florida. For example, you can watch on channels 7 or 8 in Jacksonville while on channels 2 or 17 in Miami. The cities of Orlando and Fort Worth are the only places in Florida with only one channel for PBS. Residents of Orlando must access PBS via channel 24, while those of Fort Worth must access it via channel 13.

What Channel is PBS On Dish in California

There is a special PBS channel called KPBS on Dish that can be accessed through Channel 15. You also have multiple PBS channels in Los Angeles and San Francisco. They are 24 and 58 in Los Angeles and 9 and 54 in San Francisco.

In California, Bakersfield has the highest PBS channel number at Channel 60, and Sacramento has the lowest channel number at Channel 6.

Special PBS Affiliates

WHYY (from Philadelphia) is on Channel 12 in New York City, while WNJB (from New Jersey) is on Channel 58 in New York City. Dish offers special PBS channels in some cities that aren’t available in others.

You can also watch PBS Kids on Dish. We found it on channels 53 and 56 in Washington DC. PBS Kids is a subchannel of PBS.

What Channel Is PBS On Dish Network?
What Channel Is PBS On Dish Network?

Atlantic Crossing

The Nazi Germans were still present in Norway’s surroundings when Martha, the crown princess, fled to the White House with her children to become political refugees. When her presence in the White House changed the views of the then President of the United States regarding politics, it led Roosevelt to alter his view on politics.

It started as a friendship, but over time, it developed into turmoil, especially when Martha gave a speech about Nazy’s work in front of a large group. Martha believed so strongly in her commitment to bringing about transformation that she even put her marriage at risk.

Following the show, she finds out how she deals with her enemies, who became haters of her after her actions led her to make mistakes that caused people to hate her, even her closest friends.

The Durrells

A Greek island called Corfu became the home for Louisa Durrell and her children after she lost her husband in a horrific accident. She went from her small town of Bournemouth to the Greek island of Corfu with her children.

Due to the absence of electricity, they struggled to adjust to their new home in Corfu at first. From that moment on, they started making huge steps that led to their lives being transformed better than they had ever been before, and they realized that Corfu was indeed a paradise.

Great Performances

If you enjoy watching theatre productions, then this show is for you. On the show, various televised displays cut across ballets & concerts, plays, operas, and other interesting musicals. The good about the show is that you’ll enjoy content from different countries and cultures around the world.

Call the Midwife

It is based on the memory of Jennifer Worth. Jennifer is a 22-year-old woman who went to London’s East End to become a midwife. The convent she worked in had experienced nuns and nurses working together to care for the patients.

After a while, she became concerned about the improvised life that people are living in. When she ended her stay and left Nonnatus, she stayed in touch due to the kindness she received. It was this kindness that inspired her to start a chronicle about the midwives in Nonnatus. To her, they remain her second Family, and she wants to do everything she can to assist them.


It is a show combining contemporary writers and literature and has been produced as Sherlock, Downtown Abbey, The Forsyte Saga, and Prime Suspect in the past. Discovery show viewers will enjoy Masterpiece as it combines contemporary writers with literature.

The Child in Time

During a loving and caring marriage, a child’s death suddenly sourned it. This brought about so much grief for the couple that it lasted several years. As a result of attempting to escape a monotonous government job, they lost a family member who committed suicide. The grieving also contributed to their grief, but the birth of another child reenacted the joy.

My Mother and Other Strangers

Coyne’s Family and neighbours lived in a small village in Northern Ireland during World War 2. The attack by the United States Air Force shattered their lives. A teacher in the Coyne family, Rose, started a romantic relationship with the senior officers. Is this romance destined for a happy ending?

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In addition to providing interesting entertainment experiences, it is also possible to watch PBS on Dish. The company also offers interesting content that will make your experience more enjoyable. With PSB, you can rest assured that you will learn so much from the comfort of your home.


Is PBS among the channel lineup on DISH?

There are several channels available on Dish TV, including PBS. The addition to the channel lineup has led to a greater audience since PBS has high-quality programs.

How best can I watch PBS?

PBS can be viewed on iOS or Android devices via the PBS Video app. It can also be viewed on Amazon Fire tablets. Alternatively, Apple TV or Roku can be used to watch PBS.

Is it possible to watch PBS for free?

Stream your favorite PBS programming for free without having to pay through PBS.org. Navigate to videos.pbs.org to access your favorite programming.

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