What Channel Is The NFL Network On DirecTV?

Looking for What Channel is the NFL Network on DirecTV? Channel 212 is the go-to spot for NFL Network content across all DirecTV packages. Offering a comprehensive range of NFL programming, this channel ensures access to exclusive games, preseason coverage, popular shows like “Good Morning Football,” “NFL Total Access,” and legendary games through “NFL Greatest Games.” Explore the diverse NFL content available on DirecTV’s Channel 212.

Does DIRECTV Have The NFL Network

DIRECTV offers the NFL Network as one of its add-on channels if you’re on the base Entertainment channel package. The NFL Network is one of the premier broadcasters for the NFL.

The NFL Network is included by default with the rest of the packages, so you need either the base plan and the NFL Network added on or one of the more expensive plans, preferably Choice.

It won’t matter which you choose, as you’ll pay the same amount. Check to see if Choice offers channels you’re interested in.

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What Channel Is The NFL Network On DirecTV?

Regardless of what channel package you choose, there is channel 212 on DIRECTV that can be changed to watch NFL Network. This channel is available in all regions regardless of which channel package you subscribe to. 

By naming the channel as a favourite, you can locate it again later by searching the channel guide once you’ve switched to it. By doing so, you won’t have to remember what channel it was on, and you can quickly switch to it. Under the Sports genre, you can find the NFL Network.

What Channel Is The NFL Network On DirecTV?
What Channel Is The NFL Network On DirecTV?

NFL Network DirecTV Channel Schedule

You can watch the NFL Network on DirecTV on channel 212. You won’t want to miss the exclusive games on the NFL Network. This is the international league that is played in England and Germany. It is the heart of football on television. Currently, there are five exclusive games in Weeks 5, 6, 9, and 10.

Also, the Patriots will face the Broncos on Christmas Eve in Week 16. The NFL Network has exclusive rights to broadcast all 65 preseason games, which air in August. The rest of the season will usually have simulcasts, but you will have fewer options than if you had a Sunday Ticket. The NFL Network is particularly good at airing all 65 preseason games.

There are some live games on the NFL Network, as well as some tape-delayed games on ESPN. Mostly, the NFL Network carries NFL games, but ESPN also carries some college football games.

NFL Redzone & NFL Sunday Ticket

In addition to the main NFL Channel on DirecTV, there are almost 19 sub-channels, such as NFL Red Zone and NFL Sunday Ticket. NFL Red Zone broadcasts on 700 and 703, while Sunday Ticket broadcasts on 701 to 719. 

It has been a long run, but DirecTV no longer owns Sunday Ticket. It is now possible to watch NFL Redzone games on YouTube TV or through the NFL. If you would like to watch NFL Redzone, a YouTube TV subscription is required. During the NFL regular season, it airs from 1 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific on Sundays.

For those who are interested in betting on games or like to watch commentary from knowledgeable friends, they provide coverage of all the games that take place on Sunday.

What Channel Is The NFL Network On DirecTV?
What Channel Is The NFL Network On DirecTV?

Thursday Night Football

You cannot list up to five shows that will be presented on cable without including Thursday Night Football. CBS Sports, along with NFL Network, are responsible for producing and managing the show throughout the season.

America’s Game

This show is one of the reasons why you should subscribe to the NFL Network. Super Bowl Championships indeed have a special place in the hearts of countless fans regarding celebrated documentaries.

Due to a partnership between CBS and NFL Network, you will have the Choice of watching it on one of the channels. On each show, a single team will be dedicated.

In the future, all 52 teams will be covered. A priority will be placed on those teams that have won the Super Bowl event previously.

Good-morning Football

In this section, you will find all rumours, news, and discussions about the NFL. We will give special attention to breaking news and national NFL stories, as well as exclusive interviews. It would be great for you to join Peter Schrager, Nate Burleson, and Kyle Brandt for commentaries and analysis.

NFL Total Access

NFL fans will also enjoy NFL Total Access, providing you with the latest information regarding each team and their most recent results.

Additionally, there are debates and analyses concerning the individual performances of the players. Players are either criticized or praised based on their previous performance.

NFL GameDay Morning

In addition to in-depth analysis, press conferences, on-field interviews, and much more, there is NFL GameDay, where you get to watch highlights of previous games as well as detailed breakdowns and analysis of upcoming games. Apart from predicting the encounter’s outcome, the invited analysis also gets to pick the winner.

NFL Greatest Games

There is no chance you will want to miss out on this series on the NFL Network. It allows you to watch some of the most memorable games in the NFL’s history.

NFL Films did a good job of capturing the sounds and footage of the show. The original interviews included in the show also add credibility to the show.

The series title comes from the titles of some featured games. The series will begin with Super Bowl III when the New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts.

As many of you may not know, the NFL Network channel launched with this game. You will be able to watch more telecasts in the months ahead.

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In conclusion, the NFL Network on DirecTV, accessible on Channel 212, offers a wealth of exclusive NFL content, from live games to iconic shows like “Good Morning Football,” “NFL Total Access,” and “NFL Greatest Games.” DirecTV’s diverse programming ensures a comprehensive NFL experience for enthusiasts, making Channel 212 a must-watch destination for football fans.


Does DIRECTV have the NFL Network?

Yes, DIRECTV offers the NFL Network.

What channel on DIRECTV is the NFL Sunday Ticket?

The NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV is available on channels 701 to 719.

Is NFL Network on Prime?

Prime doesn’t carry NFL Network, but you can watch NFL Network games on Amazon Prime. As part of an agreement, Amazon will allow Prime Video members to strea

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