What Channel Is TNT On Xfinity?

You’ve landed in the right place if you’re wondering what channel is TNT on Xfinity. TNT has everything in store, whether you’re looking for a drama-filled show or an old-time classic movie. Additionally, Xfinity offers both SD and HD picture quality for the TNT channel so that viewers can choose according to their preferences. TNT can be found on the following channels instead of hitting random numbers.

TNT Overview

TNT is a television channel launched in 1988 to broadcast limited television series and classic films. In 2001, the network began incorporating sports events like the NBA and NHL into its programming, moving towards dramatic series and feature films.

As a result of its high-quality content, TNT has become a common name in the entertainment industry today. With a large global audience, it is only plausible that viewers will check if TNT is broadcast in their area before signing up for cable TV. It reaches a huge global audience, including Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

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What Channel is TNT on Xfinity?

With the Xfinity Cable service, you’ll find the TNT channel by dialling 32. TNT is channel number 32 if you’re looking for drama-filled TV shows or classic films. TNT is available in SD and HD on Xfinity, allowing viewers to choose their preferred quality. You can determine what channel TNT is on using the chart below rather than dialling random numbers.

What Channel is TNT on Xfinity?
What Channel is TNT on Xfinity?
Seattle54, 662Cape Coral55, 407
Spokane54, 662Atlanta41, 841
Tacoma54, 662Augusta25, 204, 1404
Vancouver54, 754Charleston4, 407
Portland54, 754Memphis26, 826, 1206
Salem54, 754Nashville38, 1404
Eugene54, 754Knoxville67, 1206
Salt Lake City39, 667, 1404Chattanooga15, 407
West Valley City39, 667, 1404Chicago13, 204
Provo39, 667Indianapolis30, 1206
Denver40, 667Fort Wayne24, 1206
Colorado60, 735, 1404Detroit33, 204, 1206
Boulder40, 667, 1404Grand Rapids33, 204, 1206
Saint Paul66, 204, 879Richmond34, 249, 825
Minneapolis36, 407, 879Alexandria36, 825, 1404
Albuquerque42, 249Washington DC62, 825
Santa Fe42, 249Baltimore30, 825
Las Cruces32, 249Philadelphia43, 825
Little Rock29, 1404Pittsburgh32, 825
Shreveport17, 407, 1206San Jose37, 737
Tallahassee61, 407San Francisco37, 737
Jacksonville46, 407Fresno25, 737
Orlando48, 407Sacramento44, 737
Miami42, 407Oakland37, 737
Fort Lauderdale42, 407Stockton39, 737
West Palm Beach48, 407Fremont37, 737
What Channel is TNT on Xfinity?

Xfinity TNT Channels (WA/OR)

As for Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, and Vancouver, TNT is accessible on Xfinity Channel 54 in Washington. Additionally, you can watch TNT on Channel 754 in Vancouver, WA, and on Channel 662 in these other cities.

Oregon has a similar situation. Comcast customers can watch TNT on channels 54 and 754 in Portland, Salem, and Eugene.

Utah And New Mexico Comcast TNT Channels

Watch TNT on your Comcast TV by tuning in to channels 39 or 667. In Salt Lake City and West Valley City, TNT is on channel 1404. In New Mexico, you’ll need to tune in to channel 259.  

The channel can also be found on Channel 42 in Santa Fe and Albuquerque and Channel 32 in Las Cruces. For those with Xfinity in Pennsylvania, go to Channel 825. In Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, you can watch the channel on Channel 43.

What Channel is TNT On Xfinity In California & Florida

If you are an Xfinity customer in California, TNT is on Channel 737. However, you can access the channel more easily using a lowered-numbered channel number.

You can find them on the following channels.

San Jose: 37, 737
San Francisco: 37, 737
Fresno: 44, 737
Sacramento: 44, 737
Oakland: 37, 737
Stockton: 39, 737
Fremont: 37, 737
Modesto: 39, 737

There are four channels you can watch TNT on if you live in Florida: Channel 407, 42, 48, 46, and 61, along with channels 17 and 407 in Shreveport and 1206 in Jacksonville.

Where To Watch On The East Coast

Many Xfinity channels in Alexandria, Washington, and Baltimore share the same channel number. If you live in those cities and want to watch TNT, you can watch channel 825. Residents of Alexandria can watch it on channel 36, channel 1404, and channel 62 in Washington, DC.

It can also be found on channels 24 and 30 in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. You can also watch TNT on channels 33, 204, and 1206 in Detroit and Grand Rapids in Michigan.

What Channel is TNT on Xfinity?
What Channel is TNT on Xfinity?


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NCAA Tournament on TNT

It will be possible to watch 12 NCAA Tournament games on TNT. You can watch the action after Round 1 since truTV and TBS will broadcast the first four games. Following that, 12 games will follow in other rounds. It will take up to 67 games to complete the tournament, and each network cannot handle all of them.

There are 43 games allocated to TNT, and TBS will handle the remainder. WarnerMedia’s Turner Sports division uses TBS, TNT, and truTV to broadcast other matches.

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Is TNT available in HD on Xfinity?

You can watch TNT on Xfinity both in standard and high definition.

What package do I need to get TNT on Xfinity?

In most regions, TNT is included with the Digital Starter package or higher.

Can I watch TNT on Xfinity’s streaming app?

TNT is available through the Xfinity Stream app if you’re an Xfinity subscriber.

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