What Channel is Weather Channel on DirecTV?

Viewers can access weather forecasts, documentaries, and more on The Weather Channel on DIRECTV. The channel stands out not just for its meteorological content but also for its infotainment offerings, ensuring viewers are both informed and entertained.

DIRECTV, a leading satellite TV provider, offers many channels, including the popular Weather Channel. This article delves into the features of DIRECTV and the significance of The Weather Channel in its lineup. 

Why Choose DIRECTV?

A variety of channels are available at an affordable price range with DIRECTV, a great satellite TV provider. You get all the local, premium, and regional networks with one plan. We all know that satellite TV is one of the leading sources of entertainment for Americans, and DIRECTV is a top provider in this field. Here are some of the features you can expect:

  • Thousands of titles available on demand
  • Programming in 4K and live TV
  • With DVR service, you can record for hours
  • On-the-go streaming with the DIRECTV app

Your home will be perfect for DIRECTV because of its features, and you can combine it with CenturyLink Internet. By calling CenturyLink’s customer service number, you can subscribe to an HD streaming service, and you’ll be able to stream your favourite shows across various devices right away.

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The Weather Channel on DIRECTV

What Channel is Weather Channel on DirecTV?
What Channel is Weather Channel on DirecTV?

It’s about more than entertainment with DIRECTV – you can find a range of popular entertainment channels and news networks, including The Weather Channel, everyone’s favourite!

With its launch in 1982, the Weather Channel was owned by Allen Media Group, Weather Group, LLC. The Weather Channel has sister channels, Weatherscan, Justice Central, and Entertainment Studios Networks, which you may be surprised to learn about.

Its weather-related programming is entertaining, which has greatly maintained the popularity of the Weather Channel. Learning about the weather doesn’t have to be dreary and dull. If you like to stay updated on all things weather, The Weather Channel is a staple: weather forecasts, analyses, documentaries, live-studio shows and more. Start each day with a timely forecast of the local weather and wherever you may be travelling.

Moreover, many satellite TV services and cable systems carry The Weather Channel due to its popularity. The Weather Channel is also available on IPTV services like DIRECTV via the Internet and streaming platforms like FuboTV. Therefore, it is no surprise that the network reaches over 79 million households in the U.S.

As a result of the revolutionary features of DIRECTV, The Weather Channel is unmatched in the service.

What Channel Number is The Weather Channel on DIRECTV?

On-screen channel guides from DIRECTV are excellent tools that help you organize your TV-watching process and so much more, but it takes some time to figure out how to use them. The Weather Channel is on channel 66 on DIRECTV, so here’s what you need to know until you’re accustomed to navigating the program guide.

The Weather Channel is channel 362 on DIRECTV. The good thing about DIRECTV channel numbers is they do not change based on where you live. Local broadcast networks are only different channel numbers based on where you live.

As an added note, if you subscribe to DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT, you cannot watch The Weather Channel since it is available only to CHOICE and above subscribers. However, DIRECTV’s starter plan offers another popular weather channel, AccuWeather Network.

What to Watch on The Weather Channel on DIRECTV?

You won’t find the Weather Channel with numbers and figures on DIRECTV like any other weather channel. It’s more of an infotainment channel, so you’ll learn as much as you want! As well as weather forecasts, the popular weather network usually broadcasts documentaries, analyses, and entertainment specials on top of weather news.

Here are some highlights from the current Weather Channel programming–whether you’re a regular follower or just discovered it:

What Channel is Weather Channel on DirecTV?
What Channel is Weather Channel on DirecTV?


It is a great way to prepare for the day with AMHQ, a weather-related show. The show is broadcast between 6:00 a.m. (ET) and 9:00 a.m. (ET) on weekdays, featuring the best graphics and expert meteorological knowledge to prepare for the weather in the best way possible.

American Super/Natural

It’s perfect for science lovers who love stories about scientific miracles and weather elements. As a science and history series, this one explores the supernatural elements in the past. And the best part? It’s told by the people who’ve experienced it themselves!

Weather Center Live

Follow Weather Center Live for the latest weather forecasts and insightful daily observations. Weather Center Live airs weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET).

Top Ten

Throughout this show, we are shown how powerful meteorological elements are and how powerful they are in our daily lives. Follow the best and the worst weather conditions, as well as all the in-between colours, with Top Ten! Watch how extreme weather conditions can impact human life standing in their way.

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Keeping The Weather Channel’s number handy will help you stay up-to-date with the weather update at the start of your day tomorrow. And with the DIRECTV app at your disposal, you’ll also be able to watch The Weather Channel streaming on the go, so you’re never out of the loop.

You can always upgrade to CHOICE by calling DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-925-2541 if you are currently subscribed to ENTERTAINMENT.


What channel is WeatherNation on DirecTV?

WeatherNation is on channel 361 on DirecTV.

When did DirecTV drop The Weather Channel?

DirecTV dropped The Weather Channel in January 2014.

What happened to AccuWeather on DirecTV?

AccuWeather launched its channel in 2015, and it’s available on DirecTV, but specific changes in its availability or disputes with DirecTV might require more recent information.

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