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By SoftwareSuggest

We’re living in a hyper-digital era and never before has cryptography attained such massive importance in our lives. Organizations all over the globe have realized the value of encryption tools to ensure that their data is protected in transit and reaches only the intended recipients.

Salient Features of ZIPcrypt Encryption Tool
Let’s check out a few features of one such great modern-day application ZIPcrypt – a radically innovative solution that is user-friendly and can keep your organization safe from unauthorized access. A simple encryption and compression software, ZIPcrypt harnesses the power of the latest encryption technology to ensure the privacy of sensitive information. It utilizes the patented XOTIC 512 bit+ and AES 256-bit encryption to ensure that data is protected end-to-end from prying intruders or malicious hackers.

ZIPcrypt has a sleek navigable interface that is currently compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10. The most compelling feature about this simple encryption platform is that it can function at multiple encryption levels which brings stronger confidence that your data will be safe. With ZIPcrypt’s easy dial settings, you can quickly increase your encryption strength from dial 1 (512 bit) to dial 9 (131,072 bit). And better yet, the speed of the application is not reduced at all. This tool is much more advanced than most desktop encryption tools on the market.

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